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Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by TomTech, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    We have had other phone successfully functioning with our Exchange 2003 system, but can't get Windows phone to get connected.

    Our issue...which has been an issue with the others as well, is what are they looking for when they ask for 'Domain Name' and 'Server Name'?

    As far as I can tell, the Domain Name is rather self explanatory in my mind, It's the Domain Name tied to the IP at our 'front door'.

    But what are they looking for, SPECIFICALLY, for server name? Is it the virtual Exchange name used within?

    We have OWA running great, and has been for some time.

    ActiveSynch works great...and was used with the previous phone-types activity using our Exchange.

    Thanks for any help...

    Tom Nelson
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    For domain, just your short domain name is what you should be using. In other words, if your FQDN were, you would only enter "this" as the domain. For my school email, I have to use ic.local for some reason.

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