Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows Mobile 6.X

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    Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows Mobile 6.X

    Now you can have the Windows Phone 7 Metro interface on your WM6.x devices using ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1

    Features of the Theme Include :
    - Scrollable home page
    - Animated real contacts on homepage
    - Animated pictures tile with differents thumbs from selected folder
    - Animated Me tile
    - You can choose your own photo for the animation
    - Animated contacts name for People page
    - People page
    - Games page
    - You can choose a xbox live Avatar
    - Five colors for the tiles(Blue,Red,Green,DarkBlue,Yellow)
    - You can use original wm taskbar
    - Original Windows Phone 7 footer
    - Battery indicator(Thxs to HDOwner for the graphics)
    - Little clock
    - You can add your favorites apps on home page

    Its still in beta , expect more features soon :dft010:big_smile

    Support and Feature Request :

    Download : 1800PocketPC
  2. It's very helpful and easy to use and utilise also ,through that software you can connect with people , playing your favourite games , animated avatar creation is possible and many more option possible.In this video fallow step by step review for how to use features and both the link provide awesome information and utility .

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