Windows Phone 7 lacks flash like most smartphones

Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by Bary Allen, Oct 27, 2010.


Is it important to experience all of the internet on your phone like flash video?

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  1. Bary Allen

    Bary Allen New Member

    Oct 27, 2010
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    Despite, the many promises and confirmations from Adobe to incorporate flash into the new windows phone 7, it lacks flash like may other smart phones. Over 70% of web videos and media on the internet require flash which most smartphones do not offer. Presently if you buy the windows phone 7, you will be paying for a hefty data plan that costs more a month than it costs me to get high speed internet for my house where several devices are free to use the same internet and experience all of it completely. On wp7 you are paying double the amount for internet that you are only experiencing about 30% of. I would not even hesitate to buy the Samsung Focus over the Android phones and iPhone had Microsoft taken the time to make sure their browser offered flash capabilities at launch. Instead, I have to hope that Adobe comes through on their word and offers flash in a "timely manner." The other day Adobe made a somewhat nebulous statement by saying that Adobe flash 10.1 would be offered on “future versions of Windows Phone.” What does this mean? Adobe offered no time table as well as saying future versions of windows phone. This could mean a year from now, on the next set of windows phones coming out. It does not ensure that you are making a good investment in a wp7 that currently has no edge over other smartphones except for xbox live in the smartphone market. In fact it is filled with shortcomings that are promised to be resolved as well such as copy and paste, multitasking, and a viable application for turn by turn gps besides the 9.99 AT&T Navigator. Unfortunately, all of this hoping for Microsoft and Adobe to fill the holes in wp7 is making consumers who buy the wp7 have to "take leap of faith" and trust that these giant companies will keep their promises. Because if they don't, you will be stuck with an inferior dumb device labeled a "smartphone."
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  2. chris

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    Jun 1, 2006
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    Adobe promised Flash on webOS. I think that was sometime in June of 2009. It's finally coming when they release the Pre 2.

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