Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Q9M? Yes, it can be done now!

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by Miata492, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    not a speck of peer pressure in this thread!
  2. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    I'm thinking about trying this....

    A few questions. How will this effect Skyfire, Opera 8.65, Photo Contact Pro, Smartphone popups, Right Menu, Resco Explorer,System Toys, Registry editor, Copilot, Facade, Fizz weather, Live search, TCPMP, Orchid Shortcut, Oxios memory/ hibernate, Papyrus, Pocket Weather, Marshall Wait Cursor,Mad Beetle,SKTools,Sprite BackUp and so many other Apps I have installed...Some are phone specific.....Will the Registration Keys still be good after the Upgrade. All these things I wonder about. My other Phone ( Motorola Maxx ve...Modded to the max also) can be upgraded to the Q9c for $54.00......I might do that and play with the Q9c. I have My Q9m Loaded out and everything works well together....but WM6.1 would be nice.
  3. Miata492

    Miata492 New Member

    all your software should work just fine. all of mine is. all your reg keys should work just fine too.
  4. I was never cool. I was the dork with the pants pulled up to my armpits in school. not smart enough to hang with the brains, but not athletic enough for the jocks and not high enought to hang out with the cool kids.
    My wife's voyager will be number 5 this year alone so I am staying status quo for a while.
    When the officially release is out, then I will do it.
  5. radioboy

    radioboy New Member

    I have to say, after upgrading to 6.1 this weekend, I've seen MUCH better battery life than before, and that's even with playing with the phone even more than usual! Well done!
  6. coop5571

    coop5571 New Member

    Happy to report that I made the jump to 6.1 yesterday, It felt good to start over. Acutually Hurricane Gustav messed up my phone last week, I recieved my brand new replacement Q9m on Tuesday and thought, might as well upgrade the OS. I had to get refreshed on how to install opera mini and had some skyfire & slingbox issues but it's all working now. I feel like I have a whole new phone. I would definately recommend the upgrade.
  7. SuperJETT

    SuperJETT New Member

    Just started the flash process myself.
  8. SuperJETT

    SuperJETT New Member

    Ok, that was easy.
  9. Qster27

    Qster27 New Member

    Where can I find the 6.1 rom

    I've been looking all over for it?
  10. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    the Q9m owners have been using the Q9c rom, which you should find pretty easily..
  11. Qster27

    Qster27 New Member

    Sorry I've been looking for the past half hour I was able to get RSD Lite but can't find the Rom, can you post me a link to it? It would be appreciated.
  12. crashdau

    crashdau Member

  13. rudeboy

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  14. Qster27

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  15. crashdau

    crashdau Member

    Welcome aboard !
  16. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    My Q9m is.........

    My Q9m is.........Flashing to WM6.1 right now!! Hope all my programs work!! After re-install!
  17. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    There it is...WM6.1

    My Q9m now has the work begins. Installing my programs. Copilot is auto installing right now.
  18. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    Co-Pilot Live 6

    My Copilot Live 6 doesn't work with the new WM6.1 upgrade.
  19. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    this will sound weird, and im not saying it will work in ur situation manbat but use the phone as is for now with whatever did reinstall then try copilot again tomorrow

    it worked for everything i had problems with at first
  20. JuryDuty

    JuryDuty New Member

    Yay! Supereasy. For those who don't want to do major reading, here are ALL the steps I did in one post:

    • Download and install WinRar if you don't have it. Do a google search to find it.
    • Register for the forums if you haven't:
    • Download and install the 3.5 version USB drivers to stop problems some have had:
    • Download and install RSD Lite: Lite 4.2.rar
    • Download the Q9c Update file for Verizon and unzip it:
    • Connect via ActiveSync and download any files you don't want to lose to your PC desktop
    • Remove your SD Card
    • Unplug your Q from your PC and delete your partnership in ActiveSync
    • On your Q, go to Start/Settings/Remove Programs and write down the programs you've installed that you'll want to reinstall
    • Making sure your Q is fully charged, master reset your Q (Start/System Tools/Master Reset)
    • Connect your Q, ignoring ActiveSync when it tries to resync
    • Start RSD Lite
    • Once RSD Lite sees your phone, browse for the .sbf upgrade file you unzipped
    • Click Start to begin the process and leave everything alone.
    • The process takes about 15 nervewracking minutes that will have you biting your fingernails, wondering what you'll do if you brick your device, etc (It will: Read/Wipe flash (7 min)/Reboot phone (4 min))
    • Once it's done, it will ask you to manually reboot your phone. IGNORE THIS. Just wait about 2 mins and your phone will reboot for you.
    • WMDC will recognize your "new" device and ask to set it up. Do so.
    • Close all the programs on your PC, put your SD Card back in, reinstall your Q programs and enjoy 6.1!

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