Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Q9M? Yes, it can be done now!

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by Miata492, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Miata492

    Miata492 New Member

    Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Q9M? Yes, it can be done now!

    For all you VZW Q9m users, head over to this thread in the Q9c forum:

    The unofficial official 6.1 ROM is out there for the VZW Q9c and it can be loaded very successfully on your Q9m. I have done it, and so have a few other M users, all with success. Read through the whole thread before attempting. Look for post 116 on page 12 by rudeboy with the link to n99hockey's website with the files you need to do it (rudeboy & n99hockey - hopefully it is ok to post this here and create this thread???). Remember, your PC will think it your M is a C when you sync it, and your M actually thinks it's a C now but it all works just fine!!!
  2. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    fine by me... pretty sure Scotty is fine with it also (if not, i think i can take him out :}
  3. Miata492

    Miata492 New Member

    Cool, I hope some more M'ers join the fun!
  4. jasoraso

    jasoraso Member

    IMPORTANT: if you install the Q9c wm6.1 on your Q9m, DO NOT do a *288 update afterwards - it might mess up your data connection.

    That thread also references a thread with detailed instructions for the update. I encourage you to read the modding instructions before attempting, including downloading the motorola drivers referenced in the instructions (it can't hurt). Also, the instructions are incorrect regarding putting the 9m into bootloader mode > the correct keys are * and the "Enter" key (with the arrow pointing down and to the left) while powering up the phone. Some reports are that this step is unnecesary, however.

    Good luck!!!

    Happy Q9m/C 6.1 user

    (there are reports that Verizon will be releasing a separate update FOR the 9m that will probably retain a more mediacentric focus. If that is important to you, you may want to wait)
  5. Miata492

    Miata492 New Member

    thanks for that jasoraso - i definitely forgot to mention the motomoddinguk site!
  6. Bullroarer Took

    Bullroarer Took New Member

    Done the upgrade with no installation problems, but now I can't ActiveSync. When I plug the phone in I get "USB Device Not Recognized". (Sorry, I didn't see that discussed on any of the 26 pages.)

    Rebooted and no change.
  7. Boycan

    Boycan New Member

    Have you tried going into settings connections usb to pc and unchecking allow advanced network connections?
  8. Bullroarer Took

    Bullroarer Took New Member

    Thanks, yes. It is already turned on.
  9. Boycan

    Boycan New Member

    If on means it is UNchecked? I would consider that off. :) But what do I know? :(
  10. Bullroarer Took

    Bullroarer Took New Member

    Well I've now tried it both checked & unchecked and there's no difference. :frown: Starting to get worried.
  11. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    did you reboot Q after each change?
  12. Bullroarer Took

    Bullroarer Took New Member

    Yes. It's very odd.
  13. Boycan

    Boycan New Member

    Just a shot but do you have another cable to try?
  14. Bullroarer Took

    Bullroarer Took New Member

    I just plugged into another laptop and there were no USB issues. It recognized the phone as a storage device. I've never been connected to this laptop before. (As it's not mine.) I used the same cable. The laptop said 'Microsoft USB Sync'.

    So I think it's not the phone and not the cable, but why is my computer's USB hub acting up after the install? And, the device manager says there are no new drivers available.
  15. Bullroarer Took

    Bullroarer Took New Member

    Out of desperation I plugged my USB cable into a port on the back of the computer instead of the front... and it worked?! I'm now syncing just fine. Weird.

    I think the problem was that when I was doing the update I unplugged the phone during the last step and I shouldn't have. (After reading through the motouk site.)
  16. crashdau

    crashdau Member

    Thanks to you Miata492. I would never have jumped into that other thread with out your post. This reminds me of when we got the WM5 Upgrade (SD version) back in the pdaphonehome days!!!

    Thanks again. Now where to find all those 6.1 tweaking threads....this may get me fired as I will most likely be spelunking all the 6.1 threads tomorrow at work.:thumbup:
  17. briansailing

    briansailing New Member

    6.1 review

    A review of the 6.1 improvements.
    1. More stable (memory is handled better between programs)
    2. Faster (programs feel snapier)
    3. File transfer (I use the q9m as a media player and file transfer is up from 800k to 1400k a larger improvement)
    4. Active sync is more responsive in vista no more waiting for long delays)
    5. All programs and homescreens that worked in 6.0 work in 6.1
    7. Threaded text

  18. Miata492

    Miata492 New Member

    yeah, that superdave WM5 upgrade on the Sammy i730's was awesome and very scary to do! but hey, we had WM5 like 5 months before VZW gave it to us! glad to see you here! the sliding panel screen need a lot of tweaking - i dont think i can live without facade and pocketweather on my homescreen. i installed chome weather and it tweaked my phone and had to do a master reset to get rid of it.
  19. Miata492

    Miata492 New Member

    As posted in the VZW Q9c 6.1 thread:

    To anyone having issues with the install or getting ready to install this is what I would suggest doing to your Q before proceeding with the upgrade:

    1a) Read this thread fully-
    1b) Read up about the upgrade and rsd lite on the motomoddinguk forum
    1c) backup all your info
    2) master reset/clear your Q
    3) make sure your Q is fully charged
    4) make sure your USB cable is directly connected to your PC and not thru a hub
    5) delete your activesync/wmdc partnership on your pc
    6) install the rsd lite and have the upgrade file unzipped/ready to go
    7) reboot your pc
    8) connect your Q
    9) ignore activesync/wmdc when it tries to create a new sync relation
    10) start rsd lite
    11) let rsd lite see your phone
    12) browse for the upgrade file via rsd lite
    13) start the upgrade
    *Note - I did not have to do any of the bootup button presses/commands when I ran my upgrade, it just went thru so I was definitely lucky as far as that goes. It took a total of 15 minutes to do. I ran my upgrade thru my 32bit Vista Ultimate notebook with WMDC on a Q9m. I have also upgraded two of my client's Sprint Q9c's on this laptop via the Moto MSU/official update prior to doing this and I did not have to uninstall the MSU.

    That is exactly the process I follow whenever I update a ROM on any smartphone that I have done. Hopefully that helps and is not too redundant from previous posts.
  20. crashdau

    crashdau Member

    I tried CHome Weather 3.0 also. Wasn't enthused. Moved over to NRG Mini Weather and it works well for my needs. (Hate the lost $$ for PocketWeather and Facade though). At least, we can still use them when the Sliding Panel Phase passes as most things do for Bleeding Edge Wanna Bes like me.

    One thing I've been searching for is a breakdown or mod or replacement (SP capable) for the CMessage SP. It is not giving me visual indication of mail in the "Outlook E-Mail" account although I do get audile. This was set up by Intellisync Mobile Suite, not through the Messaging setup process. So, that account isn't shown in the Account list.

    Any Ideas?

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