Win 7 & Moto Q9h Will not reconize

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by OHHawk, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Win 7 & Moto Q9h Will not reconize

    Hey all,

    I cant find a answer here, and god forbid I wind one at Microsoft. so I am asking here.

    PC: Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop, 64x -- Cell: Moto Q9h

    I have a Moto Q9h, it sync'd on XP, did it with Vista, now that I upgraded it to Win 7. it does not want to work anymore.

    it did when i first upgraded it to win 7, then something strange happened, I was surfing and then the computer locked up, did a force restart and then nothing from that point onward.

    I went and had to re install win 7. (oain in hte arse) also for my sanity, I went and did a full reset to the Phone ZStart function, to erase the phone and put it back to first time buyer status. (got the phone directly from ATT) still nothing

    It will not reconize the device itself. now this is really ticking me off, cause Im about to go back to Vista (bad idea) to make it all work again, here is what i have done;

    when i re did the cell, I re did the computer, so no relationship at all between them. I plugged in the phone through the USB cable, nothing, I installed the Disk that came with the phone, nothing, did the online download, installed it and still nothing. still will not reconize the device at all.

    Suguestions? Comments, Something I didnt do? I do have Zone Alarm Suite Installed, I turned it off and tried it, nothing, turned it on, noting happened. I am seriously Perplexed. can someone give me some direction?

    Thanks in Advance

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