Will You Upgrade to a W7 Phone? (Poll)

Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by termleech, Jun 20, 2010.


Will You Upgrade to a W7 Phone?

  1. Yes, I'm upgrading from a W6.5 or earlier device

  2. Yes, I'm upgrading from an iPhone

  3. Yes, I'm upgrading from an Android

  4. Yes, I'm upgrading from a Blackberry

  5. Yes, I'm upgrading from a non-smart phone

  6. No, I won't be upgrading

  1. termleech

    termleech Member

    Will You Upgrade to a W7 Phone? (Poll)

    Will you be upgrading to a W7 phone when they come out and if so what platform are you upgrading from. Personally I'm ditching my iPhone for a W7 phone (which is saying a lot since I've had every iPhone that's ever been released).
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    already left for android...
  3. mhans311

    mhans311 Member

    I have an Ozone right now...I am thinking of switching to Android. My wife has a Droid and it is pretty nice. There are still a few things holding me back though. I think I will wait until WP7 comes out and see how it goes. I use a lot of OneNote for school...so I will see how useful the OneNote application is on the new WP7 phones. I like my Ozone and am in no rush to upgrade.
  4. xtrememadness

    xtrememadness New Member

    i feel like wp7 will be great! its different and interesting! android kinda looks like another version of apple. i want to wait until its released before i jump ship!
  5. misterSelf

    misterSelf New Member

    I wouldn't say Android is anything like iOS. I've used both and they are very different. That said, I agree with you the WP7 looks great and I, like you, will wait until it's released before I decide to jump ship or not.
  6. artietyro

    artietyro New Member

    Sadly. same here...sheesh...Why did MS think they could wait so long?
  7. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    But would you come back? A triumphant return to eWM?
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  8. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I don't count, since I use all the platforms. I am real excited about Windows Phone 7. Having a Zune HD and loving the Metro UI, I'm hoping they have a few killer apps.
  9. Peregrine

    Peregrine Member

    Where's the option for: Show me a damn phone and I will think about it?
  10. LiQuiD_FuSioN

    LiQuiD_FuSioN New Member

    Haha, I agree. Where's the damn revolutionary hardware at?
  11. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    It's coming! Just look at the current Android hardware - that's what you'll be getting OR better with WP7.
  12. nord

    nord New Member

    Upgrading from way back Compaq iPaq.

    I will go for the new HD3 on T-Mobile. What I want? Good MS Office, bluetooth connectivity to an external, foldable keyboard, a decent piece of glass and some useful apps from all these developers.
  13. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Do you mean the T-Mobile HTC HD7?
  14. ryant35

    ryant35 Member

    I have a Droid X so I don't think Windows 7 would be an upgrade... After a month of my DX going back to WM would be like trading in my Pentium for a 486 with Windows 3.1.
  15. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe going back to Windows Mobile, but not Windows Phone 7. Everything I've seen makes me really want one of these phones. Integrated Zune, Metro UI, established hardware specs so manufacturers don't skimp.
  16. mhans311

    mhans311 Member

    Well I am not going to be upgrading to WP7 because I am on Verizon. I am not going to wait until next year to upgrade. Sorry Microsoft, too little too late. Android...here I come...
  17. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, that was a bummer that Verizon wasn't among the launch partners. We'll see you over at Android forums. Which Android phone are you going for?
  18. mhans311

    mhans311 Member

    Yeah I was looking forward to WP7, but I guess I will have to wait for my next upgrade. I am leaning toward the Droid X, but I am curious about the upcoming HTC Merge. I have been lurking over at everythingandroid for awhile now and so I may be spending more time over there soon.
  19. pikacz

    pikacz Member

    upgrading from the most-awful-still-on-1.5 android phone samsung i7500 to htc mozart as soon as it comes out
  20. slighmd

    slighmd New Member

    coming from Nexus One Android. will be getting the HTC Trophy or Samsung Omnia 7, which ever comes first. XBLA FTW!

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