Will this software work on the Q?

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Software' started by AnnaN5, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Will this software work on the Q?

    I have not purchased a Q yet but am about to do so in the next few days. I will be starting nursing school and need to download some reference programs onto whatever smartphone I get and a bit confused about which programs will work on the Q or not. Here is an example of a program:
    Skyscape Product Details: Nursing Constellation: All-in-One Nursing Solution: Palm, Pocket PC, PDA or Smartphone

    It says it is compatible with Palm, Windows Mobile 5.0, and Windows Mobile Smartphone. So since it is compatible with Windows Mobile Smartphone it will work on the Q? If it was not compatible for Windows Mobile Smartphone and just Windows Mobile 5.0 would it still work on the Q?

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    Hi Anna and welcome to Everything Q!

    Microsoft has done a great job of making things confusing! There are multiple versions of Windows Mobile and different flavors. The latest version is Windows Mobile 5. It comes in two flavors - PocketPC (for example, the Palm Treo 700w runs Windows Mobile 5 for PocketPC). The other is Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone and this is the operating system on the Q. While it is supposed to be easy for developers to port apps from PocketPC to Smartphone, it doesn't always happen. If you are looking for a particular application, then make sure it says Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone. It is possible that a WM smartphone compatible app that does not say WM "5" will work on the Q.

    With regards to the app referenced, I'd suggest using their live support to confirm compatibility.


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