Will Sprint Offer Windows Mobile 6.0 ?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by dblml320, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    Funny - there are Sprint employee's in other Threads that say its not going to happen... so I don't think we will ever know until they do... But we do have evidence that they are testing it out on the Q. See Scuba Steve's thread about WM6 do I jump?
  2. dmaldo

    dmaldo New Member

    They are not going to come out with it. I talked to the guy who helped make decision. Sorry guys. A new Q for sprint is coming out Nov/Dec 2007.
  3. catallah

    catallah New Member

    Wow thanks for all the details....I still have hope
  4. dmaldo

    dmaldo New Member

    Just because sprint isnt going to offer the upgrd doesnt mean someone wont figure out a way to get it on the current Q. So yes, there is hope.
  5. indyx

    indyx New Member

    so you say... kinda of lame no one will go on record about anything to do with this issue but they're quick to leak anon info. If your going to be anon about it at least leak the damned update! lol
  6. tehsu

    tehsu New Member

    WM6 Releases May 4th for T Mobile
  7. gmplr831

    gmplr831 New Member

    Jsut looked at a future sprint handheld sheet, says nothing about new q, lots about win mo 6 upgrades, but nothing about a new q...
  8. HoosierHero

    HoosierHero New Member

    Great, I just got the Q in Feb and they'll have completely new one this fall...
  9. indyx

    indyx New Member

    So be glad you bought a Q instead of a new digital camera, it's replacement will be out next month...
  10. dblml320

    dblml320 New Member

    I have been itching to move to Verizon, the fact that Sprint supports the Q so poorly I think is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
  11. VTDr0p0ut

    VTDr0p0ut New Member

    There's quite a shocking price-hike between those two carriers... I hope more than just the Picture Mail is driving that move (or you're rollin the the chedda so you don't care :smile: For your sake... I hope the latter)
  12. malatesta

    malatesta New Member

    and what evidence can you provide that Verizon supports their devices better?

    And their data rates are extortion compared to Sprint.

    I also don't consider free upgrades to the OS "support". Fixing bugs and issues constitutes support, not just something new for the sake of being new. If you really wanted the features of WM6, you would have waited for a WM6 device. Since you didn't you're just looking to have the newest for the sake of new, not the features.
  13. malatesta

    malatesta New Member

    That's b/c it's a ways off. Probably Q1/08. The device is not testing at Sprint yet, so there won't be any information. But msmobiles.com via a Win developer got confirmation that Moto is working on a Ev Rev A Moto Q replacement.
  14. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler New Member

    According to a corporate rep I talked to (yes, big grain of salt), he said it was codenamed the QR, and that he saw release sheets through August with no signs of it.

    Also....When defining support, would you say it could included keeping up with the competition? The Sprint Q is the newest of the slim smartphone releases. So if the competition is upgrading their devices, why wouldn't Sprint feel the need to update their device as well. With the Q9 most likely being released even before Sprint even announces a Q successor along with the Dash and Blackjack receiving the update, one would think that in order to retain current customers on the bubble of leaving and sway new customers away from the competition, they would upgrade a few month old phone, especially when a current Q model is being released on GSM with WM6. And outside of it being "a new OS", it actually would just be an improvement on the existing OS that would improve the speed of the OS, improve third party program support, and improve battery life. Extra functionality benefits aside, those seem like fixes to me for current issues. It would also most likely enable third party developers to go back and work on some programs that MOL2 seemed to render useless. Or one would hope it would. I think a stable threaded SMS program could become reality.

    And I don't understand how Motorola can say it's not going to offer WM6 for the Q when they are coming out with the Q GSM.

  15. malatesta

    malatesta New Member


    Most people bought the Q and signed up for a contract or re-newed their existing one. They'd rather bet on people staying with Sprint, with their Moto Q and awesome data plans than

    1) pay an early-termination fee
    go with new service
    pay more per month,

    ...all just for a new OS that, lets be honest, only the smartphone dorks of the world are following. (not to mention the investment for new accessories, etc.) Sure some will transfer, most won't. (I love the HTC Dash but it doesn't even have 3g).

    We also don't know if the WM6 upgrade for the Q meets Sprint's network standards, for whatever reasons. They tend to reject a lot but we can't necessarily assume that it's a perfect working ROM and Sprint said "aww f it". It could be there are some serious issues that we are not privy too.

    Actually, I bet this has more to do with the 6800 than anything.

    WM6 is not ready for that device and probably won't be till Oct/Nov when the RevA update will come.

    Sprint doesn't want their older Q to have WM6 while their flagship 6800 still has WM5. They probably want parity with all their WM devices.

    So: upgrade 6800, release newer Moto Q (or maybe update old), release new Treo WM5 device (rumored)--all around the same time frame. But that's just speculation.
  16. gmplr831

    gmplr831 New Member

    Well hopefully they wait that long, so i can get one with my new every two type thing from sprint!! I know they just pulled the 6800 because they are adding win mo 6 and EVDO Rev A
  17. kmcconnaughey

    kmcconnaughey New Member

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