Will Sprint Offer Windows Mobile 6.0 ?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by dblml320, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. catallah

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    Haha so true...but then there are those kind kind people in Retentions who give you a new Moto Q for $99 after no rebates and no hassle...we will find a way to get the WM6.

    Torrents can be your friend :laugh2:
  2. tehsu

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    Newsgroups FTW! lol

    I was charged $148 on my bill for no reason, I got charged for two months of texting on one bill, they refunded back my text messaging charges, and im still at 71 dollars which seems outrageous.

    And from what I know, since T-Mobile is upgrading the Dash to WM6, the Blackjack and the Moto Q will follow just to keep it up to date and make some monay before the Q9 comes out, which probably will be delayed release just like the Q was on sprint..
  3. Duke4062

    Duke4062 New Member

    Hell Yah!! Now my Q will have an even longer life. Great News!
  4. tehsu

    tehsu New Member

    Its not 100%, but most likely it will receive an update
  5. yunghkim

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  6. catallah

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  7. ksmith80209

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  8. malatesta

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    You are seriously reading waaay more into that then you should and it's a bit cruel to get people's hopes up that way. :angry:

    Sprint plans on shipping devices this year with WM6. That could be a new device (ppc-6800?) not an upgrade.

    Either way, Microsoft will never announce anything for Sprint or Verizon. That will be left to Sprint/Verizon and Motorola only.

    As of this post all we know is this:

    - There is a GSM Q that runs WM6.

    - The HTC Dash and Samsung Blackjack here in the US are both getting WM6 which officially leaves only the Moto Q as far as smartphones

    I think it's more likely than not we will get an update but nothing is official and I would not get your hopes up.
  9. Cheb75

    Cheb75 New Member


    "the hate is strong in you"
  10. ejmct

    ejmct New Member

    OK, assuming I'm a clueless newbie, what are the advantages of WM6 over the WM5 we have now?
  11. RoguePope

    RoguePope New Member

    More functionality...

    For starters, I've heard that WM6 will have PocketWord, PocketExcel & PocketPowerpoint included on the SmartPhone version. This may not be a huge deal for many SmartPhone users, but I have been using PPC PDAs since 2000 and have come to love these apps... which have retained me on the MS platform instead of migrating to Palm.

    I think I remember seeing this on the MS PocketPC site.

    I also heard something about improved BT... but I have no references to cite...

    As stated previously in the thread, the Q has not been announced, perhaps in the next few weeks we'll hear something. Sprint took thier time releasing the Q instead of being the first to implement and have avoided some of the bug issues experienced by many VZ early adopters. (I gather this from other forums...) Perhaps Sprint is just holding back any announcement until they are more sure WHEN the upgrades can be delivered. (FYI - In the past, the PPC upgrades were downloadable...)

    Takeaway: WM6 has a few new features, but there is nothing but conjecture whether the Q will receive the upgraded OS.

  12. slyder33

    slyder33 New Member

    there is nothing anywhere at this point that says there will be an update. I have a contact that works at Motorola and all he has said so far is that Sprint is looking at the possibility but nothing has been decided as of yet. It would make sense, however there is the possibility that instead of upgrading they will just offer newer devices that run 6.0. As far as the differences between the two 5.0/6.0 6.0 will include documents to go and opera web browser as well as a few other updates and a potentially faster OS.
    No sense in getting everyone's hopes up. If it happens great, if it doesn't then buy a new phone.
  13. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    Dumb question - Can you buy the upgrade yourself and load it like XP or Vista on a desktop or laptop? I am assuming no cause of the carriers support (Sprint vzw)?
  14. gmplr831

    gmplr831 New Member

    Could be either. Could have to take it in, or they may send a disc. When dell went to WM 5.0 they sent out a disc and the disc had everything dell labeled and ready to go, so maybe we'll get lucky.
  15. qjukie

    qjukie New Member

    Just spoke with my Sprint business rep. she has not heard anything regarding an update to WM6. I will be speaking to my sales rep to try and gather more information. I'll keep you posted.
  16. triley_88

    triley_88 New Member

    Earlier today i spoke to advanced technical support at Sprint and i have confirmed 100% that Sprint is not only going to offer an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6, they are going to do it for free, and yes i had this confirmed by a supervisor so its legit. They do not a have a specific date for the release of the update but it is a sure thing, 100% sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She felt like in would be offered sometime in late may or early June so no more worrying about your Q getting outdated, yay!!!!!!
  17. evilmrt

    evilmrt New Member

    I believe this. If you guys go over to the Software section of this forum, you will find a thread where at least couple people have obtained the WM6 rom that Sprint is beta testing currently. All the nay-sayers can think whatever they want, but one way or another, it looks like we'll be getting WM6 (officially or unoffically).
  18. RoguePope

    RoguePope New Member

    I will be anxiously awaiting...

    officially or unofficially <weg>
  19. catallah

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    .....This has made my day...THANK YOU :thumbup:
  20. gmplr831

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    YAY!!! Just what we needed to hear. Yay for the Q!

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