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    i have a few questions about wifi. First of all i would like to know what it is and how it works. And also i have a moto q9m and i was wondering about the mini sd wifi card and how that works like will it charge me for data usage or no. And can i use this card with the internet and data completly shut off. also i saw in the settings menu it says wifi power settings and i was wondering why they had this if the phone doesnt have wifi built in.

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    1) check here to learn about wifi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wifi
    2) if you get the wifi card (and set it up correctly), you will not be charged for data usage by VZW - of course, you will only be able to use data when you are in the vicinity of a wireless hotspot
    3) if you mean a data block on VZW's end, then I believe the answer is yes
    4) because the wifi card needs to be powered by the phone - there is no built-in wifi
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    I have data blocked. I only really used it at home when I was being too lazy to walk to a computer. :laugh:

    Call Verizon. They will block it for you. :2cool:

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