Which GPS for Google Maps??

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by muzicman82, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. muzicman82

    muzicman82 New Member

    Which GPS for Google Maps??

    I'm looking for a Bluetooth GPS that will work with both my MOTO Q BLACK using Google Maps (or other free Internet based maps) and my laptop (which has Bluetooth) using Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007.

    There's the Bluetooth Pharos one, which I assume is the same as the one shipping with MS Streets & Trips, but Bluetooth... for around $100.

    Then there's something like TomTom's Bluetooth GPS for more $$.

    Any suggestions? I like small. I like good battery life.
  2. koiphish

    koiphish New Member

    I have a rechargable GlobalSat BT-338 GPS unit that I use with my laptop, pocket pc and my motorola q.

    I use it with Streets and Trips 2007, Netstumbler (for wardriving), Google Earth Pro and Virtual Earth Mobile for my Motorola Q.

    It's rechargable batteries gives it from 16 to 17 hours of use per charge. Plus it is small enough to carry in your pocket and you can get a car charger for it to keep it charged in the car.

    Tip: To use the gps unit on more than one device at a time, I suggest using GPSGate. I use 2 devices with mine simultaneously... my pocket pc loaded with Streets and Trips 2007 (windshield mounted) and my laptop running Netstumbler for wardriving. It also allows more than one piece of software to use the gps signal too. This is nice for like running Netstumbler, Streets and Trips and Google Earth Pro at the same time.

  3. ericshmerick

    ericshmerick New Member

    I have the same GPS unit..used it extensively with my 6700 and iGuidance. Now that iGuidance is incompatible with the Q, I'll have to try the BT-338 with my Q/google maps. No GPS program like iGuidance, but free, so I might as well try it out.
  4. SafeHarbor

    SafeHarbor New Member

    The 338 is being replacing by the 359. It's more stylish, but not a greater performer. Both are good devices, and the 338 is known for fantastic multipath rejection, so it's great in "urban canyon" situations.It was a darling of the GPS forums last year, and it should be a good GPS to use this year.

  5. ih8q

    ih8q New Member

    Can't connect q to my bt gps receiver

    I am going crazy I have a bluetooth gps receiver that worked fine with my other samsung i730. I got the q last week and the q barley see's the device I have to manually add it and I get a question mark next to it. I downloaded google maps and tryed to activate the gps, but it said my gps is not communicating. I need help this is driving me nuts. I read a posting about a reg change but I don't have any way of editing my registry. Can some one help me connect or edit my regestry?
  6. muzicman82

    muzicman82 New Member

    I just ordered the 359. I figured it charges via Mini-USB, which is reason enough to get the later model. The last thing I need is another charger to carry around.
  7. kreep

    kreep New Member

    Is GPS all what it's cut out to be?
    I'm thinking about getting a bluetooth receiver but am having second thoughts.
    I think it will just be a gadget I don't use.
    For those who have one is it just for the cool factor or do you find that you use it everyday?
    I work as outside sales so I'm on the road a lot but I know where all my clients are located.
    I tried to find a demo online to see how a GPS system would work but came up with bupkiss.
  8. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Unable to get external bluetooth GPS to work with Google Maps

    I have a GlobalSatBT-338 GPS that works well with CoPilot 6 (for the Q), but I am unable to get it to work with any other program, including Google maps. It works with GPSGate on my Cingular 8525 (Win Mobile 5), but on that unit, it still is not recognized by Google Maps. If anyone has been able to get an external bluetooth receiver to pair with a Q (or a Cingular 8525), please provide detailed instructions.
  9. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    Several people have please search the Bluetooth forum for information.
  10. jonwadsworth

    jonwadsworth New Member

    Sorry, this may be a bit off-thread, but I'm trying to get GPS for Google Maps to work on my new Q, and I am wondering how this whole process works.

    The Q has an internal GPS locator, (right?) so why do I need an external GPS antenna?

    If you use an external antenna, do you need the GPS service from Sprint (or whatever Wireless provider)? Can Sprint charge you for GPS if you're using a different GPS antenna?

    Thanks for all your help!!

  11. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    the gps in the Q is only for the 911 service and cant be used as navigation....you dont need the gps service from sprint if you get the gps receiver...this will work with your data plan and grab information from the satellites and relay the info to google maps
  12. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    I have not been impressed with any of the services that use cellular info to provide location, although the use of this type of service on a GSM network (I also have a cingular phone) is clearly more accurate than the CDMA network of Verizon.
    After significant time investment, I finally have an external GPS receiver working with Google Maps on the Q. I tried all of the hacks and registry changes that I found on multiple forums (including this one), and nothing worked until I installed GPSCOM.EXE, which use is outline in the Bluetooth forum on this site. It is downloadable from the XDA developers forum. I set the com port as com1 on my Q after pairing my external bluetooth receiver with the Q, and it works very well. Interestingly, the indicator light on the GlobalSat BT-338 that indicates a bluetooth connection does not blick faster (the usual indicator of a connection), but the info is received and used by Google Maps.
  13. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    Glad you got it to work. I love GoogleMaps with my Holux receiver.
  14. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Thanks to Stealth816 !!

    Thanks; it was your posts on this forum that led me in right direction.
  15. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    No Problem!!!:smile:
  16. rangemaster

    rangemaster New Member

    Mini BT GPS works with Moto Q

    Check out the Holux GPSlim 240:


    I got mine from a gps dealer on eBay for around $65... it runs all day on a charge, is super-sensitive and charges over USB.

    I use map4pda and Google Maps w/my Q on Verizon and this setup works great... easy install and is very reliable.

    The only problem is that the GPS is sooooo small it would be easy to misplace (remember losing your first Bluetooth headset?).
    64mm x 22mm x 15 mm, wt. 35 grams (2.6"L x .87"W x .59"D, 1.23 ounces)
  17. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    I know,I've got one,,,, its great
  18. CMantis

    CMantis New Member

    Just get a lanyward that way you can carry it around your neck and also makes it stand out so you don't accidently leave it somewhere. I went to my local cell store and they gave me a nice motorola one for free.
  19. georges_ac

    georges_ac New Member

    GPS receiver

    I have the igps receiver from pharos that I got with microsoft streets and trips. it is actually a very good gadget. It worked perfectly with my motorolla Q using the BT, and I got it for 49.95$.

  20. scorrpio

    scorrpio New Member

    It is one of those things that you might not need on a regular basis, but having it when you need is just awesome. Given price and size of this thing (got my GlobalSat 359 off ebay for $50), I figured why not. But frankly, once Verizon has get-as-you-need-it $3 VZ Nav sub for 1 day for WM devices, I doubt my receiver will see much use.

    359 charges off same charger as my Q9c, that's convenient. Pairing was no problem, and GPS is real accurate. A few problems I noticed:
    1. Getting initial lock in a dense urban area(Manhattan) is real tough. But once locked, it holds it.
    2. If your position changed by a number of miles since you last turned it on, the 359 might take a whole lot longer to get a lock. Seems like it hangs onto latest coords it had for quite a while.

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