Where do you go when you're not happy with the Sprint Touch Pro

Discussion in 'HTC Touch Pro' started by stuckinthemud, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Where do you go when you're not happy with the Sprint Touch Pro

    I don't want to bad mouth the Touch Pro or Sprint...but I am really unhappy with this phone. I had a Treo 700P and loved it. Switched to a Palm Pre and could not deal with the small form factor. Traded up to a Touch Pro. Loved it when it worked. Hated the TouchFlo3D interface. Installed SPB Mobile Shell and made the phone usable. Much more finger friendly. I use the phone mostly for business and geo caching. Have installed TomTom and Pathaway GPS and when it works those program are phenominal. They worked a lot better on the Treo 700P, but they did a nice job with slow GPS updates...when the GPS finds a satalite or two. If there is a cloud in the sky it won't lock. If I stand next to tree it won't lock (nevada desert...trees are not very big and few and far between).

    Phone holds a charge for three hours sometimes. No use. Just carry it around in my pocket and three hours later I get a low battery warning. Other days it will last all day, but never more than 8 hours. Once the battery dies I lose my contacts. Re-sync with desktop and it has to do a full sync because too much data has changed.

    Windows are sluggish at best. Once they open they are nice. I do like multitasking but had to swithc to option to shut down app when you hit the "X" or battery only last a half hour with open apps in the back ground. Set email to sync every two hours. I need my email right away or the phone is no longer a business tool. but if I sync with exchange every 30 minutes the battery dies and then I have to re-sync with the desktop again.

    Bluetooth...when it works it is a great feature. But recently it started connecting with my hadsfree car kit and it makes the call and as soon as the line rings it drops the blue tooth. Now...if I get another call while talking then the blue tooth connects and the handsfree speaker says incoming call from such and such. Why won't the first call connect but the second will?

    Blue tooth connection to laptop sitting 6 inches away will not stay connected either. Crashes as soon as sync begins and currupts the sync. So have to do a total sync with server again.

    I am just tired of the frustrations. I love what this phone is capable of doing. But it works spotty at best and I just can't put up with it any more.

    If anyone has a suggestion on how to fix I would love to try it. If I could make this phone work This would be my preferrence. But I have tried everything...spending good money along the way. If I can't fix it, I want to switch. So looking for other TP users who have moved on and what they liked. I'm even ready to jump ship to another carrier if I have to. But I need tethering to laptop when on the road and lots of carriers are dropping that. If I stay with sprint I have to stay with a winmo phone. If I go to Vertizon I can move to a google phone. iPhone is out. No tether option without cheating.

    If you've read this far...HELP! LOL

    It sounds like I am cranky but I am not. Just looking for suggestions on a way to fix this frustration.



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