Where are all the HTC Surround owners?

Discussion in 'HTC Surround' started by chris, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Surprised we haven't seen any? I checked out the Surround today. Not a bad looking device. I like the Focus myself, but still.
  2. WP7map.com

    WP7map.com New Member

    It's a great device. I bought mine first thing on Monday AM at Best Buy. The quality of the phone is very good and feels great to hold. The screen is sharp and I have had no crashes with the phone.

  3. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to eWM!!
  4. Amie

    Amie New Member

    Just bought mine online. My very first Windows Phone ever! I'm pretty excited about it, considering I've had about every other phone out there. LOL! Anyhoo..mine should get here tomorrow.
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  5. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Great and welcome to everythingWM! Be sure to let us know how you like the Surround.
  6. Love my surround! Just trying to figure out if there is a Speed Dial option?
  7. JasonB

    JasonB New Member

    Just got my surround on Sunday...I can't seem to put it down. Going from a Blackberry Storm to this...oh my goodness! How does RIM stay in business?
  8. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Had to exchange a defective Focus and decided to try out a Surround instead.
  9. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I like the feel of the Surround, reminds me of the Nexus One. HTC still makes some of the best built phones. If it weren't for the Super AMOLED of the Focus, I would have gone with the Surround. I just don't have much of a need for surround sound from my phone.
  10. RandomAlec

    RandomAlec Member

    Exactly my thoughts on the Surround vs. Focus phone choice. I love the Focus AMOLED screen and for me visuals is much more important than a pop-up speaker. Much less a speaker that I would never use unless I'm in a room alone, I prefer to use headphones.
  11. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    4th and inches

    IMO, and I know many will disagree, the AMOLED is only slightly better. Yes it's noticeable, but with reagards to watching videos, it doesn't do much for my needs. I use YouTube and Netflix to satisfy my entertainment needs, and under 3G, depending on conditions, it's usually fed at a lower quality, not taking advantage of that better screen. It's like buying an HD TV, you're only going to get HD if your source is HD. Yes there are other apps that deliver quality videos clips, but I gotta go with the apps that I use the most. Yes video quality is better over wifi, but I don't use my phone to watch videos at home, I have my TV and laptop for that. So I'm going to be on 3G most of the time.

    When in a private setting, like at home or in a car, I prefer to use the speakers. I mean, I don't use earplugs/earphones when using my laptop or watching TV at home, why should I use them with my phone? Yes the speakers are not that important and it is only slightly better than the Focus'. The addition of the speakers seemed to have turned people away, because it is "gimmicky", and I was one of those people. But then I asked myself: would not having the speakers change my perspective? The answer is no. The speaker adds value, no matter how small. Just like the AMOLED screen adds value to the Focus. It just so happens that the speakers add more value to me than the screen does.

    So to me, a more solid feeling phone and speakers inched ahead of the AMOLED screen. I went for it at 4th and inches and the gamble paid off.

    *What?!? I'm in Footbal Sunday mode! :p
  12. chief714

    chief714 New Member

    Just got a Surround from a third party. I love it except for one thing... my battery life is horrrrribbbllleee... I litterally get like 4 hours at moderate use and have to recharge. I've drained the battery twice and fully charged and have no difference.

    I noticed something today that worries me tho. I pulled the back off and noticed that the white water mark sticker is white but says "void" in red written on it. I'm pretty sure this means that there's water damage right?
    can anyone confirm for me if there's is solid white? Thanks
  13. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    The one on my Samsung Focus is white. Is the "void" handwritten?
  14. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Mine is white with a red "void" on it too. It has never been water damaged, so I guess that means it's good. Water damage will more than likely turn the whole sticker a solid red.
  15. JasonWP7

    JasonWP7 New Member

    Just had my HTC Surround delivered this morning, what a fantastic phone. Coming from the iPhone 4 i thought i would be stepping down, how wrong i was.
  16. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to eWM. Great to have another Surround owner in the mix.
  17. JasonWP7

    JasonWP7 New Member

    Thanks Chris, and i am loving my Surround, i would say its the best Smart Phone i have ever had. Well i have only had two before the Surround lol.

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