What is the best screen protector out there?

Discussion in 'Samsung Focus' started by Honorary Title, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Honorary Title

    Honorary Title New Member

    Opinions? What is the best out there and what should i stay away from? I need to order two relatively quick.
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

  3. Honorary Title

    Honorary Title New Member

    I checked that thread, but it seems the only case that is worth it either dulls the screen or is sticky/tacky to the touch. Does anyone have one that actually don't mind using?
  4. cheshirecat

    cheshirecat New Member

    Several of us checked Samsung and it is Gorilla Glass. Google Gorilla Glass and see how tough it is and why you don't need a screen protector. IMO
  5. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    My opinion? I don't need it. Haven't used a screen protector on any of my phones with gorilla glass.
  6. muddtt

    muddtt Member

    I've initially used a skinomi screen protector but it wasn't that great unless you apply it perfectly the very first time you try. After that I bought a boxwave screen protector. I've been using those for years on my palm pilot years ago & iphones i've had. Once again a great product.
  7. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I'm thinking about pulling off my screen protector. Does your Surround have Gorilla Glass? Any scuffs or scratches?
  8. EatCereal

    EatCereal Member

    I've had the Focus for about 3 months now w/o protection. No scuffs or scratches.

    Be naked!!:)
  9. RandomAlec

    RandomAlec Member

    For those of us using a screen protector (for extra protection I suppose) has anyone found a good anti-glare screen protector? I love my Invisible Shield from ZAGG, but man I can't see anything at all on my phone in the sunlight or even a excessively lit area.
  10. muddtt

    muddtt Member

    i searched gorilla glass and scratches on google once and went thru a few android forums. seems like it's hit or miss. lots of people say no scratches but at the same time plenty of people say they have scratches.
  11. EatCereal

    EatCereal Member

    Gorilla glass WILL scratch, however I think you have to abuse your phone pretty bad for it to do so.
    I do sometimes put my phone in a cloth sunglass case and have the glass facing my thigh when it's in my pocket...if I'm heavy on the go with shopping, running lots of errands etc
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  12. mayflower

    mayflower New Member

    That's true !

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