What does 1X mean?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by 311green94, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. 311green94

    311green94 New Member

    What does 1X mean?

    I recently went to another area of the US for vacation and now my q is indicating something I haven't seen before.

    On the top of the screen (grey part that shows signal strength) instead of the usual compass there is a 1X. What does that mean? It doesn't say anything about roaming, am I being charged differently on my sprint plan because of this? No one at sprint can help me.
  2. PDXUnplugged

    PDXUnplugged New Member

    That is probably the data network indicator. "EV" means that your device is on the EV-DO (3G or broadband) network. "1X" indicates that your device is on the 1xRTT (older, slower bandwidth) network.

    Quick check: go into "Settings", "Phone Settings" (third menu list), "Network" and make sure that "Network Select" is set to "Automatic B".

    You can also register your phone with the network again by going into the Wireless Manager (access through Quick List by pressing and holding the home button) and turn your phone radio off then on again.
  3. Picasso ( ! )

    Picasso ( ! ) New Member

    By changing this setting, will this effect the connectivity of my current network settings (ie. my work email)?

  4. scottjb

    scottjb New Member

    I wouldn't change this. This setting differs depending on what part of the country you're in (on VZW it does). I don't believe it makes much difference anyway--the PRL should determine where your service comes from.
  5. mjs31

    mjs31 New Member


    1X is the old bandwidth. I know this since I still have it in may area :-( They say maybe 6 months....
  6. 311green94

    311green94 New Member

    Thanks for the help. At least I know that I don't have a problem or I won't be incurring any new charges!
  7. Referee

    Referee New Member

    I've searched and searched (even in the Q manual) yet this thread along with one other seem to be the only ones I can find that are even close to answering my questions on this subject. What is the difference in network settings between "Automatic A" and "Automatic B"? On which should I have my phone set? Does it even matter?

    My questions are based on an Alltel branded Q.

    Thanks in advance!

    ...because I call 'em like I see 'em...
  8. PDXUnplugged

    PDXUnplugged New Member

    "A" and "B" are terms that the industry utilizes to describe the original cellular frequency bands. Quick history lesson: when the FCC licensed the original cellular airwaves "B" bands were allocated to the local telephone carriers (Nynex, Bell Atlantic, Bell South, etc...) and "A" bands were allocated to applicants such as McCaw Cellular and hundreds of other interested parties (it was the gold rush of the 1980's...).

    Your phone is provisioned to best take advantage of your carrier's roaming agreements that dictate technical issues such as call routing and feature availability along with roaming rates -- so this setting does matter. You can alter the original setting at your own risk (i.e.: if you change from "Automatic B" your phone will no longer look for a signal from the B carrier first). This could result in you not getting service at all or in paying roaming fees that you might not otherwise have to pay. Conversely, in some rare instance it could result in you getting service where you might not otherwise.

    My suggestion is to check with your carrier and ask what the setting should be.

  9. Referee

    Referee New Member

    That was exactly what I needed to know. Thanks again!
  10. sulster

    sulster Active Member

    Verizon Q

    Huh. My Verizon Q (MOL "4") only has a choice between Automatic or Home Only...
  11. peppersghost

    peppersghost New Member

    I knew it had something to do with your network connection but wasn't sure. i was going to make a thread about it myself one day but I guess all the answers are right here.

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