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    .wav files

    Blackberry convert here. Loving this Q thing! Only 1 problem for me...I receive voicemails from home phone (AT&T Callvantage) and work phone (3COM system) as .wav files in e-mail attachments. My Q can't play these files. According to the Motorola engineer i spoke with, the Q can't play .wav files is they were encoded any higher than 16kbps. He said to try to get the phone systems to send these attachments as mp3's instead.

    I have owned Pocket PC's in the past, and they played these files with no problem. I undertand that the Q is a phone 1st, and that the Pocket PC type functionality is paired down...but I was hoping that someone here may know ofa workaround or could contradict what I have been told??

    Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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