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    VK Media Player: Not a Single Step without Music!​
    For many users the social network Vkontakte is not only website where they might just spend their time. Also, it a source of information, news blocks and an opportunity for communication with friends. More often the users make use of the website as a media library. Exactly there the most admired films, clips and music files are gathered. And when there is no access to the PC’s folder named ‘My Music’ you can always use a web page in Vkontakte to enjoy your favorite soundtracks. Besides, you can use the special application named «VK Media Player», which makes listening to music in Vkontakte especially pleasant.

    Of course, a lot of users are interested in advantages offered by «VK Media Player» application, to say nothing of its stylish design. Having entered your webpage you are able to listen to any soundtrack both from your list and from your friends’ lists. Also, you can find music using the search device. The retrieval system allows sorting out the results according to required criteria including an album, performer, genre, etc. Besides, you can get any information about the soundtrack or transfer a picture of the performer to the mobile phone.

    The player allows performing all standard operations including switching on the random order of playback, rewinding of the track and paging the list of tracks. Moreover, VK Media Player has several distinctive features. For example, you can see lyrics of the song, and this option will make easier listening to new songs.

    You can turn the volume up or down right through the player without using the settings of the mobile phone. But the most important thing is that now you are can listen to your favorite compositions even without permanent networking. Audio file is transferred to the cache memory, so that for listening to this file you will do not have to be constantly connected to the Internet.

    Thanks to VK Media Player you will be always able to listen to your favorite music and you will not have to purchase any memory cards with huge storage capacity.

    The creators of application are DCT Company, to download the application you can use the following link.

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