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  1. rudeboy

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    syncing with Vista/Windows Mobile Device Center was/is a piece of cake..

  2. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Soooo.... I take it you got a new laptop? Which one did you decide on?

    **nv, just saw your other post** :tounge: good choice btw. I like sony laptops. just wish I could afford one.
  3. k_semler

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    Yes, it is very easy.

    1. Install Motorola Handset Drivers (v3.5)
    2. Plug USB cord into computer
    3. With your phone on, plug phone into other end of USB cable
    4. WMDC automatically launches upon device recognition.
    5. Set up partnership between WMDC and your device, per onscreen instructions.
    6. *optional* go to to download WMDC 6.1
    7. *optional* Install WMDC 6.1.

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