Video Tutorial: How do I follow someone and create my personal activity stream?

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    You might find members on the site with similar interests or perhaps there is one particular member with plenty of know-how. On everythingWM, you can create your own personal activity stream with members you follow. There are a few ways to starting following people.

    1. Click on their username while you are in a thread. Go ahead, click on mine. See that nifty pop-up. Select the 'follow' button.
    2. Click on your name at the top right of the navigation and select "people you follow". Enter names in the Follow box. To add more than one, simply separate names with a comma.
    Now place your mouse over your name up in the top right of the navigation and select News Feed. This will populate with posts, likes and status updates from members you follow. If a member you follow updates their avatar, you'll know about it.

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