Verizons new data plan=no wireless sync

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by phazelag, May 11, 2008.

  1. phazelag

    phazelag New Member

    Verizons new data plan=no wireless sync

    Hey guys,

    I just starting using wireless sync and I like it for backing up my calendar. But I also just found out you can get unlimited data "but with no wireless sync" for $29 now. The rep who switched me to the lower plan didnt know it would stop wireless sync.

    Is there in any other way to wirelessly back up my calendar? I dont care about contacts or email, I just need to backup my calendar. And I know you can active sync it, but I really dont think about that very often. And I change my calendar so often, that I need to have it automatically backed up. I just dont think wireless sync is worth an extra $15 a month.

  2. L0c0

    L0c0 New Member

    you can set outlook to sync using Bluetooth on your pc.
  3. phazelag

    phazelag New Member

    I have an HP pavilion DV5000 laptop. I dont know if it has bluetooth. And then I would have to leave bluetooth on all the time and that would equal decreased battery life.

    I will try it out if my laptop has blue tooth just to see if it is a possibility.


  4. phazelag

    phazelag New Member

    oggsync seems to be the magic trick I was looking for. I dont mind using a google calendar since its just for back up anyway. I am using the free version for now.

  5. sherri

    sherri Active Member

    Is it as good as the VZW wireless sync??The whole reason I stuck w/the $44.99 plan is for the calendar features. I also like the "appointment plus" feature that downloads directions.
  6. phazelag

    phazelag New Member

    It only does the calendar which is all I need because the appts are updated all the time, but my contacts almost never change. I also like using my email seperately anyway. Because I have a professional email and a personal email I can keep seperate.

  7. phazelag

    phazelag New Member

    Hey guys I just tried Plaxo and its free version does Contacts and Calendar just like wireless sync. I think I will be using this as my synce method. Oggsync offers automatic sync with multiple calendars for $30 a year or manual sync for free.
  8. phazelag

    phazelag New Member

    Actually Plaxo has an automatic sync from 5minutes to daily for free.

    It uses windowsmobile sync as its software.
  9. dchain

    dchain New Member

    I changed over to the new 29 dollar unlimited plan, and my wireless synch program still works just fine. they told me it would only not work if my email went through the exchange server at work... I just use a second computer so I dont have to deal with it.

  10. phazelag

    phazelag New Member

    I hope thats true, they told me the same thing but three days later my wireless sync account was locked up.

  11. why not use dashwire?
    or does that not back up calendar appt only contacts?
  12. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    it does pictures, videos, your ringones, text messages (with a second window to thread conversations), your PIE favorites, contacts, call list, and speed dials, but no calendar.
  13. sherri

    sherri Active Member

    In an earlier posting by Dashwire, they said they should have calendar features soon...
  14. Thats where I remember it from.
    Hey Sherri, side note, my co-worker's father is a SI cop (retired)
    Something that would have helped me oh about 2 months ago!
  15. dashwire

    dashwire New Member

    Yep you guys got it covered. Calendar functions coming soon. Nice to see we're headed in the right direction based on Apple's announcement concerning MobileMe.
  16. Dash,

    sorry for being blunt, but screw apple and their stupid iphone.

    Keep up the good work. I know you guys will have to work harder going against the apple brand.
  17. moto_ftth

    moto_ftth New Member

    Wow! Dashwire is awesome! Thanks for pointing this tool out. Can't wait for the calendar functionality.

    Another cool feature would be to be able to sync from external calendar sources (e.g. I'd like to be able to sync my business appointments from my work Outlook).
  18. dashwire

    dashwire New Member

    No worries. It's been pretty interesting this week. The iPhone's gonna push us, and we're going to push them back. We know there's real tangible value for consumers in this direction and we're going to continue to drive for innovation and useability. Appreciate the encouragment
  19. dashwire

    dashwire New Member

    Calendar sync is definitely on our radar. We've thought about your other suggestion before. Probably gonna try and start with Google Calendar and then decide where to go from there. Thanks for the feedback
  20. dchain

    dchain New Member

    I got put on the new data plan, and I still use the wireless sync on my computer... (they had to rest my account, but they were able to get my email and everything back to working) Only thing I was told, is that I would not be able to use an exchange server for work email, but since I do it through my wiresless sync on my extra computer at work it does not affect me at all.

    hope this helps... I had the Tech support help, but I played studpid...

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