Verizon Q9c GPS Hack

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by jmorisey, May 15, 2008.

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  1. jmorisey

    jmorisey New Member

    Verizon Q9c GPS Hack

    With the recent release of the Q9c for Verizon, I think we need to start trying to figure out how to hack the GPS to use Google, WLS, etc...

    For starters, when I go to the setup menu (##073887*) and choose "GPS Settings", I get an error msg that states:
    "Modifying GPS Settings disabled"

    There must be some usefull info in here now, before it was never locked!!!

  2. rainmakerrc

    rainmakerrc New Member

    Has anyone tried using the Modaco GPS COM4 Activator on the VZW Q9c's?
  3. MooseMan

    MooseMan New Member

    I'm getting the exact same message on mine. I'm thinking about trying the Modaco Activator. I'll repost if i get it working.
  4. jmorisey

    jmorisey New Member

    I have tried the COM1: fix and now the Modaco Activator, none to any success... In due time, I hope...
  5. gadzooks64

    gadzooks64 New Member

    I definitely want to get the GPS working with google maps. It's one of the reasons I got this phone.
  6. jmorisey

    jmorisey New Member

    Same here... This is pretty ridiculous that they disable shit all the time…. Getting old in my opinion. I have been with them (Verizon) for over 13 years, and they are getting pretty damn close to drawing me over the edge….

    If someone, or myself, doesn't figure out a hack to fix this within my 30 days... I may just take it back and cancell my contract with them.

    If we can find a valid SPC code that will let us play with the GPS, we may be in luck...
  7. Mikeymikes2

    Mikeymikes2 New Member

    I don't know if this helps, or if it's already known, but I have a sprint Q9c and using google maps with it works. I select the "use gps" option and then it finds my location. I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence but maybe you just didn't notice that option in the app.

    It's also worth noting that while driving it auto updates your location. Not as smooth as the GPS in my car, but good enough if you're just trying to find your way somewhere.
  8. jmorisey

    jmorisey New Member

    I am VERY INSULTED and think the one of the mods should ban you from ever posting on here again!!!!

    Just kidding... I am very familiar with the workings of both Google Maps and WLS. I actually have a BT GPS that I used with my Q1 and it works fine with the Q9c as well. I was just hoping I could get the internal one to work.

    I have tried the Modaco Com4 activator as well as the COM1: hack, neither have given me any success... and it should also go without saying that the inermediate driver fails as well...

    Thanks for trying and giving your advice, the effort is appreciated.

  9. Mikeymikes2

    Mikeymikes2 New Member

    What functionality are you searching for? My Q can track my movement along the directions it's given me.

    One question I have though, my girls blackberry pearl can save locations via stars that's not related to contacts. Is there a way I can label and save locations?
  10. jmorisey

    jmorisey New Member

    Do you have the VERIZON Q9c??? If so, what are you using and how are you getting it to work?
  11. Brent372

    Brent372 New Member

    This is because the VZW Q9c doesn't use real GPS. It isn't talking to any satellites.
    It is using cell tower triagulation.
    This is why it only works with VZNav
  12. AdrianC

    AdrianC New Member

    Sorry, off topic, but what's the security code?
  13. jmorisey

    jmorisey New Member

    It's S.E.A.R.C.H.
    OK, now that I've said that... it should be 000000

  14. AdrianC

    AdrianC New Member

    Oh, it is? Because I could have sworn it was "I H.A.V.E. B.E.E.N." Go figure?

    Thanks though.:laugh2:
  15. sdsurf

    sdsurf New Member

    I've just started looking through this thread as I haven't been able to get Google Maps GPS to work either.

    Brent - are you saying that there is no GPS receiver in the Q9c? If that's so - I think this is grounds for a class action suit. The GPS functionality is the only reason I stepped up from the Q to the Q9c. I know that I for one was misled to think that this phone has a functioning GPS receiver.
  16. weinster666

    weinster666 New Member

    Hi all!! New to the forum and to Windows Mobile smartphone type stuff.

    Anyways, I have a Q9c coming in the mail in a couple of days. I talked to Verizon tech support and they confirmed there is a built in GPS, but it is disabled by Verizon (I'm sure you all know this already). Reading through this thread, are you saying that you have not figured out how to enable it yet? I really need that working or this phone is going back.

    Thanks for any info,

  17. Brent372

    Brent372 New Member

    I cannot say for sure if it has a GPS chip in it or not. I don't know.
    I do know that VZNav uses triagulation from cell towers. That is why it only works in VZW coverage.
  18. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    Unless there has been a drastic change from sprints Q9c; yes, it has a GPS chipset. If VZ navigator is made by telenav it should be able to utilize the GPS receiver. The reason that it needs network coverage is that the program only maintains a small map cache, so it needs data coverage to download maps as you move.
  19. jmorisey

    jmorisey New Member

    I like the sound of that... were there's a chip, there's a way...
  20. Slim2000

    Slim2000 New Member

    Bump to get GPS and Google maps working on Verizon's G9C! I also got my Q9C a couple days ago and would love this phone even more if their was a way to get GPS to work. I'm not really a hacker so I have no idea where to begin, but I'll help anyway I can.
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