Using H500 bluetooth to listen to mp3s on phone? e.g. SE P990i?

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by apeshop, Jan 24, 2007.

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    Using H500 bluetooth to listen to mp3s on phone? e.g. SE P990i?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a SE P990i and Motorola H500 bluetooth, works fine for making calls.

    I want to listen to Mp3s / Music using my Motorola H500 BLUETOOTH HEADSET, I know the battery life is only 6hrs or so but I charge every night and I do not like the wires for the ordinary headphones.

    When I follow the instructions in the P990i manual I go to the Media Player in my phone and go to SETTINGS > TRANSFER SOUND it only displays SPEAKER (which is the phone speaker) or HANDSFREE if the wired handsfree headphones are connected. It never displays the H500 bluetooth even if connected??

    Is this a shortcoming with the P990i, the H500 headset or have I got the settings wrong? Will getting a different bluetooth help?

    please help!

  2. apeshop

    apeshop New Member

    any help anyone? I really want to listen to mp3s via bluetooth headset from the P990i how do I set my P990i to do this?

    Using transfer sound in media player only shows the phone speaker or handsfree as options, Is this a limitation with my P990i or the particular H500 bluetooth headset? Will changing the bluetooth mean that when I go to the transfer sound option in my P990i the bluetooth device will then be listed?

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