USB Tethering to MAC works great!

Discussion in 'Mac and Motorola Q' started by Frozengeek, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. angellt

    angellt New Member

    works with the new beta they put on their site.

    i'm using sprint, and I put a/a for user/pass.

    now my next problem is, how do i get faster speed? I only get 150k down. My mogul has spoiled me, I get 2000k down on it :)
  2. Fuquad

    Fuquad New Member

    This is very interesting. Looking forward to trying it as soon as I have time to set it up.

    I just bought a Q9c and am on a MacBook Pro running Leopard. I was able to follow sime instructions (and download some modem scripts0 that has allowed me to set up the Q9c as a modem via Bluetooth, but I hope that USB tethering will increase speed.

    Thanks for the info! I'll post results soon.
  3. Fuquad

    Fuquad New Member

    Very nice! I installed the free demo and it worked well. The Bluetooth solution I have (from actually seems to be about the same speed, but the added benefit of the phone charging off the USB port is nice.

    What exactly do you get with the purchased version over the free demo? Not asking because I do not plan on purchasing, just wondering what the limitations are. Also wondering if I need to un-install the demo before using the full version or not?

  4. macadeezy

    macadeezy New Member

    Just downloaded the new update version 1.30 for USB Modem and it works great, just like it did when I had Tiger. I hated how slow BT PdaNet was, but at least it worked for the time being when USB was unable. Its a night and day difference between BT and USB.

    Update 6/30/08: After installing the new update it worked fine for a day, then it would only open one page and sit idle. After connecting I only have about 15 seconds to open a single web page before it stops working. However, network prefs still shows me connected and that I am sending and receiving. Mobile-Stream support has not been very helpful in resolving this conflict. Anyone else try the new update?
  5. 242MotoQUser

    242MotoQUser New Member

    Tethering to MAC

    How do you tether my MBP running leopard to my Moto Q9M? It says on the Verizon site that the Q9M is not supported. Can anyone help?

  6. macadeezy

    macadeezy New Member

    Im running Leopard on a MBP and the only thing that works is PDANet via BT. USB Modem was a great program on Tiger but does not work with Leopard, granted their tech support swears that it works with there new update. I have had unsuccessful attempts to use USB tethering on my Q9m. If you wanna revert back to tiger (which I highly doubt) than USB Modem is an excellent program. Just be glad you didn't purchase it like I did and now your stuck with an app that doesn't work.
  7. Jedi777

    Jedi777 New Member

    Hey Im trying to get this to work on a Moto Q9H through AT&T and my macbook has 0SX 10.5.4 ...Anybody have a similar setup getting through? I dont know what to put for the user/pass.. Thanks
  8. macadeezy

    macadeezy New Member

    All I can say is keep bugging mobilestream support. Maybe they will finally realize that their app really doesn't work with leopard
  9. foreverbeta

    foreverbeta New Member

    i just tried this on my mbp/osx with my q9c and it works perfectly. in fact, i'm using it right now @500k/30k on Sprint. i kept the username and password blank and just dialed #777.
  10. steinj1

    steinj1 Member

    I know this is an old thread but I'm having similar results and wanted to share. Running MBP 10.5.7 with Moto Q9c. Set everything up per the instructions of the original poster and its been working great. I keep restarting and disabling / re-enabling the program trying to get the connection to fail. Perhaps there is hope for us mac users. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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