Upgrade Windows Mobile.

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by PHSZShirland60, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. PHSZShirland60

    PHSZShirland60 New Member

    Upgrade Windows Mobile.

    How do you upgrade Windows Mobile?
    If you can at all.
    I feel like I got an old version.
    I'm not sure how to check it just seems old.
  2. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    There are firmware upgrades available for most models of Q. Only sprint's Q9c has been upgraded to a different version of windows mobile so far (there is one up the pipe for ATT's Q9h)
    go to www.motorola.com and click on support, and then there should be something to the effect of update your phone's software (can't check right not, PC's shut down due to weather)
    or search there for "Motorola Software Update" that program will put the newest of whatever is available for your phone on it...

    make sure to backup your contacts and any programs you want to keep before you do it.

    dashwire - www.dashwire.com (free)
    Sprite Backup www.spritemobile.com (not free)
    can come in handy for that.
  3. bobby-n

    bobby-n New Member

    and please search dang .. if your talking about wm5 to wm6 then NO No nO

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