Trip Expenses

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    See new post below for updated details.
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    Version 2.0 of "Trip Expenses" released for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) with more new features! Check it out!
    -Metro Design.
    -Intuitive and quick entry interface.
    -Dashboard view to review allocation, expenses and remaining balance amounts.
    -Status display on Tile.
    -Support for entering currency exchange rate for international travel.
    -Photograph expense receipts using the phone camera.
    -View expense totals by categories, cash/credit and personal/business types.
    -Filter expense records by categories and personal/business types.
    -View daily expense averages at various levels.
    -Support for frequent visits with time gaps, using granular control over the number of active trip days.
    -Send business and/or personal expense reports by email.
    -View pie chart.
    -Preserve and view multiple trips data.
    -Color coding of balance amount serving as a visual alert.

    Available at Windows Phone Marketplace.

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