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Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by walrusmiah, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. walrusmiah

    walrusmiah New Member

    Transfer Contacts

    I've been searching all over on here and can't find the appropriate thread. How do I transfer my contacts list to my computer? Please help me, I think I'm losing my mind. Thanks.
  2. cajunlibra

    cajunlibra New Member

    I'd like to know the same, except can I sync my contacts without Outlook? Is there any alternative? I don't have Outlook and can't afford it.

  3. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    you at the least need something to sync it to, i mean the contacts on the Q is not just a file you can dump any/some-where.. as far as i know.
  4. qnoob

    qnoob New Member

    It's Windows Mobile and Bill Gates is going to want you to use MS Office apps (ie Outlook) to sync.
  5. braeleure2

    braeleure2 New Member

    beam it...

    Just highlight all contacts and beam them to the Q. They immediately show up.
    Tasks also beam easily (with priorities and attached notes intact).
    Notes are a different story. You will need Millo Notes or similar product.
  6. shaun0207

    shaun0207 New Member

    I have Outlook, but it keeps pulling my Outlook Contacts from work into my Q. Is there a way to create a new contact list in Outlook and sync that with my Q's contact list? I know you can create as many cointact list in Outlook as you want, but I cant seem to just transfer my Q's listto the computer.
  7. sulster

    sulster Active Member

    If you have a Verizon Q, then you can wirelessly sync to the vzw site. Try

    There is a link for First Time Users.

  8. Corines77

    Corines77 New Member

    I can't get my outlook to sync with my phone is there a special something I need to do in outlook to get it too?

  9. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    first...make sure in active sync you have the USB connection checked under file-->connection settings...if that is checked and still not working you can try to upgrade your active sync to active sync 4.5...then if that doesnt work make sure your not running any firewall software that is blocking active sync
  10. Corines77

    Corines77 New Member

    Okay I will try that. Thanks.
  11. pyrobling

    pyrobling New Member

    What about going into Settings in ActiveSync on the desktop and saying that the device always wins and not the computer. Just make sure that your contacts in Outlook is backed up prior to doing this so it doesn't delete all your contacts on your desktop. :)


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