Tmobile cheats existing customers via G1

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by woodfunk, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Tmobile cheats existing customers via G1

    I am very disapointed with this phone. It was designed to compete with the Apple Giant, though it was not given the feature set to compete. I am also sad that tmobile has embraced the industry practice of treating their existing customers like idiots, charging them extra for data services that could be provided under the existing $19.99 plan. Tmobile is telling me that I must pay an additional $24.99, on top of the $19.99 that I am already paying for data services. They report this is because the G1 uses its own data connectivity package (Even though it operates on the exact same band as the rest of their 3g phones). Existing customers beware, for your next bill may be very interesting.How can they justify this, when the entire point of a sim card is to switch between multiple devices?
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    Are you sure? Sounds like you'll have to pay $5 extra per month. It doesn't make sense for you to have to have 2 data plans.

    It's not surprising that they bump up data costs for the device. They feel (and probably correctly so) that the average customer will use more data services on the G1. Same thing happened with the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Moving to the 3G bumped up my monthly bill.
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    No if you have an existing data plan then that plan would be voided out. Unless you have a texting bundle or something. T-Mobile won't give you two data plans it doesn't make sense. It's $25 for the data plan and 400 sms or $35 for the data and unlimited sms.
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    I`m in agreement with Chris.I only had to pay an extra 5 bucks..Not sure who you`re getting information from...Anyhow i know i`m only paying addtional 5.
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    im paying 24.99 for the internet..i have the family bundle for unlimted txt for 19.99 ..soo i still get my unlimited txt like b4..just paying for the internet connection thats bout it......its normal right?
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    Yup sounds right. A few years back T-Mobile offered a promotion for unlimted family texting for only $9.99 :) So all my fiver lines text unlitmited for $9.99!!!
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    Data Plans

    It seem ridiculous that you should have two data plan; I understand the price going up on the existing plan. It seem someone didn't know what they were doing. I would check into this a little more.
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    Sounds to me like it works just like the AOL Broadband thing did. You pay one fee to one provider and another fee to another provider. I would not do this I think that it is just another way for them to make more money.
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    Jul 15, 2010
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    I was in a similar situation with my G1. I had the 19.99 internet plan for my razor (which I found out AFTER paying 6 months and having numerous internet complaints that a razor wasn't an internet phone). So I switched to the G1, when I got it in the mail they then explained to me that I had to upgrade my internet package and it would be $24.99 per month. I found out what had actually happened is the $19.99 plan was no longer offered and instead of waiting for my contract to expire they just told me I had to change which was not the case. My friend had the $19.99 plan, got a G1 and it worked.

    I am not a fan of t-mobile but right now they are our cheapest option.

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