Thinking of Getting a Q

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by CaseyK, May 27, 2008.

  1. CaseyK

    CaseyK New Member

    Thinking of Getting a Q

    This may be a dumb question, but I'm new here, so bear with me.

    I'm very interested in getting a Q. The thing is, I have no interest in text messaging, internet access, or having my email pushed to the phone. I am in front of computer most of the day, so I simply want a good PDA to sync my Outlook and files with. I stopped at the Alltel store today, and was told I could not have a Q without a data plan. Is there any way around this? If I bought one off of Ebay, would I be able to just transfer my service over to it? And if so, is that something I can do over the phone?

    I appreciate the wisdom from all you experts out there.
  2. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    welcome aboard....

    good choice.
  3. xXxNELSONxXx

    xXxNELSONxXx Member

    i had this EXACT question and am yet to hear back from anyone. my q should be arriving in the mail in the next 2 days, so when it does, im going to call alltel over the phone and see what happens.

  4. elmerg

    elmerg New Member

    I am also new here with the same question. I want a PDA without internet access and am going with US Cellular. I purchased a Q but did not yet set up a phone account with it.

  5. xXxNELSONxXx

    xXxNELSONxXx Member

    still havent gotten mine shipped to me yet, but when i do i will call and see what happens. going to be pretty upset if they wont activate the phone.

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