'Theme' of the Month (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Q Home Screens and Wallpapers' started by n99hockey, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. kogama

    kogama Active Member

    Hey!!!! you became a guru nice....ooo yeah..i as gone......went to Illinois to visit my sisters family it was really sudden so i didnt really have to chance to say anything...but thanks..??
  2. docmac129

    docmac129 New Member

    Yep this is still going on. I am going to PM Scott tomorrow with the August 1-15 HS theme.:smile:
  3. kogama

    kogama Active Member

    why are you going to pm?? oo man i jsut saw kaylas and kay's homescreens those are great
  4. docmac129

    docmac129 New Member

    That is how we set up this theme. The theme creator pm's Scott with the theme and he sets up the thread for us. Its my turn, since it was ladies/alphabetical first then guys. Also the orginal four HS creators got to go first. I am adding names to the list of theme idea creators according to who submitted the last few times. Stockspeed is next in 2 weeks. If u want to create a theme, let me know & I will add u to the list.:smile:
  5. Geekster

    Geekster New Member

    A little off the beaten track again but ducks and water go together, right?
    It has water in it, too!! :smile:

    View attachment 3949


    Requires Facade
    eko's Black Soft Keys *Included*

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  6. stockspeed

    stockspeed Member

    Great screen geekster. Have to show this one to my two girls. They'll love it. Nice job!!!!
  7. inscracefan24488805

    inscracefan24488805 New Member

    Hey stockspeed, how old are your two girls?
  8. docmac129

    docmac129 New Member

    Stockspeed, u have 2 weeks to pm n99 re: Theme of the month. I just chose & pm'd Scott which he will post either tonight or tomorrow for Aug 1-15. Please try to pm him by Aug 14th. Cindy, I will post the updated list tomorrow of who is next in line to choose. I would tonight but my power is out at my house, so im completely mobile tonight.
  9. inscracefan24488805

    inscracefan24488805 New Member

    That's fine.

    I was just curious. Trying to figure out when it will be my turn.

  10. stockspeed

    stockspeed Member

    11 and 14. They're pretty much my motivation for everything in life. :2cool:
  11. stockspeed

    stockspeed Member

    Okay. I'll think of something. Now remember, mine will have rules...like no Photoshop. Smile. J/K

    Have a good night doc.
  12. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    thanks to all of you who contributed for the month of July...

    please head over to the August Theme Thread for the next design 'phrase'

    good luck
  13. Illidan23

    Illidan23 New Member

    Hey i love this hs and i have a small request. can you center the profile and add the icon menu bar at bottom?
  14. docmac129

    docmac129 New Member

    Kayla is no longer taking requests.
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