The new Nokia N97

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by mariyas11, Dec 2, 2009.

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    The new Nokia N97

    I just saw this phone called the nokia N97 in youtube, man its such a cool phone, I really really want to have this phone, when is this phone going to be out in the market, i hope soon. I'll bye this phone as soon as it comes because I really loved the video that I saw in youtube. Just can't wait anylonger for this baby to come in. I damn sure that this N97 is going to become the number 1 phone and it will definitely beat the market of the Sony Ericsson X1. Guys do you have any Idea on how much this phone will cost? I really need to know because I have to start saving for this high end phone.
    I have read that N96 is a better phone that iphone, is that right? People also say that it has cooler and better features than iphone, ok one quick question, Does this phone really have a bigger or wider screen than iphone? I heard that the iphone has the biggest screen compare to any other touch screen phone, What do you guys think, is the N97 going to beat the apple iphone as well?

    THANKS ALL AND GOOD LUCK............
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    I have an N97 in my store right now and have played with it a little. Does it have a bigger screen then the iphone?....only by a little. I am not sure if a carrier in the US will pick it up or not. The Stores owner bought 2 from over seas for me to test out and see if there was a market for it here. I sold one but they have a hefty price tag...(600+) out of contract. I was not overly impressed ( might be due to just getting the TP 2 )

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