The gom player

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    The gom player

    Hi all,
    I have the problem that I can't save the position of the asf video that I have seen until now with Gom Media Player: when I open a very big asf, even if it is on the PC hard disk, it is like opening a buffer that prevent the vision from the point where i left the video.
    With Avi or Mpg I haven't this problem; I don't see this buffer effect.
    Does anyone of you know how to modifiy the asf file to avoid the buffer effect? Or how to convert it to .avi without quality loss and limitated dimension?
    Or, more simply, does a Gom player setting exists to avoid this problem?
    Thank all of you
  2. bberryhill0

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    How do you open a video file that is on your PC hard disk on your Ozone???
  3. sixbennetts

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    I always turn to Super converter whenever I have vid issues. It'll take you a while to tweak it to your particular phone's likings, but once done you can drag almost anything into it and have come out perfect. Coupled with the The Core media player, or TCMP player, it,s straight win.

    It's important to Google Super Converter and download directly from their site to get the latest version. TCMP player can be found over at XDA-DEV.

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