Text Message Shuts Phone Off

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by loonatic, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. loonatic

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    Text Message Shuts Phone Off

    Before I started, I did search for this and couldn't find anything.

    Does anybody know why my phone would shut off when I get a text message? Occasionally (about once a week) my phone will turn itself off 1-4 times in a single day. I didn't know if there was any connection between these (I tried the masking tape on the battery trick for the extended battery thinking this was it) until recently when my friend asked me if I got his text message. I realized that he sent it right when my phone turned itself off.

    I know I'm not the only person with this problem because somebody I know has had the same problem with his VZW Silver Q. I know 2 people with black Sprint versions that have had no problems with it.

    Any idea why this might be happening? Thanks!
  2. mwitzah

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    Does your phone turn itself off ONLY when receiving a text? My Q had that problem but it was random as far as I could tell. I never did receive an answer to that problem, other than contacting Verizon (either on phone or in person) and requesting a replacement. I went through about 5 replacements before finally upgrading to the 9m and have not had that problem once.

    FYI: if you are with Verizon, when you call the tech support you want to hit I think #2 and ask for WDTS. That's the highly technical support people (wireless data technical support). They give you more answers to your problems and seem to have the same if not more power on replacement issues.
  3. loonatic

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    The only problem with calling Verizon is that I didn't buy my phone through them, and they're pretty unwilling to help with technical issues unless you're the first owner of a device.

    I am not sure if it always does it because of a text message. I had suspected that might be the case when it would turn off, but I wasn't able to confirm that until a friend asked me if I got his text at the same time that I remember the phone turning off.

    It's wierd too, because it always comes back on with a low battery icon in the upper right corner, which quickly changes to reflect the true battery life.
  4. RyanGrob

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    Quite incorrect. My phone was purchased on eBay. There is a 1 year warranty on new phones that Verizon will honor IF you can show proof of the purchase date. Whoever you bought it from, ask for the invoice/receipt and if it's within a year, Verizon will honor an exchange. I've gone through 4 phones now in the past few weeks, with the last replacement coming tomorrow. If this doesn't work, Verizon said I could push up my 2-year discount to now, instead of in May.

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