Text input language not remebered

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by Thomas_BA, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Thomas_BA

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    Text input language not remebered

    I have my Motorola Q with WM 6.0 in English, but as i mostly send SMS in Spanish i have the text input language set to Spanish for spellchecking. When i shut down and restart my Moto the Text input language is set back to English. Some solution?
  2. n99hockey

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  3. helltoupee

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    No solution to your problem but you should probably disable spell checking in any language. It is a real hog and will bring your phone to a screeching halt. Just a friendly tip.

    From my Q9c sans spell checker.
  4. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    and if its 6.0...not an original q! but yes i agree to disable text prediction or at least clear its cache ever other week
  5. Thomas_BA

    Thomas_BA New Member

    Yes it is an original Q. They sell in Argentine the Q GSM with 6.0 official at the provider offices.

    I am wondering now what i have:
    In 'Start - Settings - About' ist says:

    Windows Mobile 6
    Radio Version
    RTL Verion 2.00.2
    CE OS 5.2.979 (Build 17235.0.1.3)

    but in 'Start - System Info' it says
    Windows Mobile 5.0 (CE 5.02).

    So what do i have installed?
  6. Thomas_BA

    Thomas_BA New Member

    Ok i disabled it as i really mostly don't need it.

    One more problem:
    My Q ha Portuguese, Spanish and English integrated. I also need the German special alphabetic symbols like 'ü ö ä etc.' Is there a possibility to install a German language pack so that they could be used and found via shift + UP like the other special symbols?
  7. bberryhill0

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    Q8 again? If so it needs it's own forum.

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