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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by OctoberPrince78, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. OctoberPrince78

    OctoberPrince78 New Member

    Text Delays


    Im fairly new and couldnt seem to find a way to fix my problem in the forums.. So forgive me if there is a duplicate.

    As we all know, the Q9m has a receiving text delays.
    Sometimes I receive the duplicate txt also....

    Are there any known ways to fix these two issues, especially the delay in receiving text. I have a serious problem with that especially when my boss sends me a text and I dont receive it until a few hours later....

    ANY input is truly appreciated. Thanks...
  2. Scabz2013

    Scabz2013 New Member

    I have the same problem. I only discovered it a month ago when someone sent me a txt and asked about it later on. I told them I didn't get it and like 5 mins later I received it. I want to know if anyone knows a hack in the registry that will fix it.

  3. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    problem may be a carrier issue. I had the same problem with txt AND voicemail. Had times where it would be next day before i got them. My wife has the same problem on her Katana
  4. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    * edit *
    I missed it when you said it was on the Q9m, my issue was on the plain Q My thumbs was going faster than my brain :-}
  5. OctoberPrince78

    OctoberPrince78 New Member

    Actually I remembered reading something that its because the Q is windows based, there is a lag in refresh rate.... or some BS of that sort..

    Can anyone help!!!
  6. bangasho

    bangasho New Member

    Hey all,
    Just got the moto q8 last night and this was the very first bug i noticed....hours of searching since morning finally brought me here and was relieved to see that the problem actually is in the windows...mean half way there...now we gotta find a solution for sure...cuz its too irritating...
  7. metropolis

    metropolis New Member

    Who is your provider?
  8. K3SRK

    K3SRK New Member

    That's almost definitely a carrier problem.
  9. OctoberPrince78

    OctoberPrince78 New Member

    I have Verizon... I swore I read about someone else having this problem and "knew" a way to fix this problem... BUT I cant find it anymore....

  10. blsimpson

    blsimpson New Member

    I have Verizon as well and have this problem, but only sometimes. Sometimes I get them right away, and sometimes I get them 4 or 5 hours later. When I had my Chocolate, I didnt have this problem. My wife has an Nve and doesnt have this problem...

    If anyone finds the answer, post it! :)
  11. Jenna259

    Jenna259 New Member

    ya, i have the motorola q music edition.

    this is a phone error, i.ve talked with bell. they said its an error with 'windows' and motorola rushed out the phone, the silver moto q is worse with this.

    trust me, my phone drives me insane. and seems to never get the important texts, which is a major problem. it usually tends to be texts with multiple pages, but it does it with some single texts also.

    motorola/bell is just replacing q's now.

    (canadian user)
  12. simons91

    simons91 New Member

    That's very interesting. I have the silver Q with Sasktel/Bell and have had issues with the text delays ever since I got the phone. I find it incredibly frustrating. But my phone is going in yet again for warranty next week, we"ll see if the loaner is any better!
  13. alimohammad01

    alimohammad01 New Member

    See, I dont think Ive had much of a problem recieving texts.. So far.. they've usually all come in..
    I mean there have been a few that never came in.. but that was because of whoever I was texting..
    My main problem is that OTHER PEOPLE dont get MY texts.. I mean.. most of the time.. theres no problem..
    but.. like with this one particular friend of mine.. he almost NEVER gets my texts.. its.. VERY frustrating..
    And i mean.. its been that way as of late.. before it wasnt as bad.. we could text each other back and forth.. and that only happened once of twice..
    but as of late.. its been AWFUL.. like.. ill ask him about it the next day.. and he'll show me on his phone that he never got them..
    anyone know why?

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