Tethering Moto Q 9H with AT&T

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by jeff083077, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. mstream

    mstream New Member

    Could you please send an e-mail to support(at)mobile-stream.com telling us your laptop OS. Please tell us your exact Moto Q model, is it a GSM or a CDMA?
  2. davea0288

    davea0288 New Member

    Tethering the Moto Q9h with T-Mobile $5-6 T-Zones.

    Worked like a champ with my Sony notebook. On T-Mobile with the T-Zones $5-6 data connection, you must add the Proxy server information to the web browser Lan connection.
  3. chuckh1958

    chuckh1958 New Member

    Had this working over bluetooth yesterday with my d630 laptop while docked at work (disabled all other network connections just to be sure). Later it stopped working. Every time I try to use the DUN I get the following error:

    Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem

    Any ideas?

  4. pontiac

    pontiac New Member

    I sent an email to support@mobile-stream.com stating that:
    I posted a question on the http://www.everythingq.com website about using your software, USB Modem, to tether my Moto Q via USB to my laptop for interent access.

    My phone is a Moto Q 9h with AT&T data service and I believe it is GSM. My Dell laptop is running Windows XP Professional SP 3.

    Can you send me instructions on how to set up the connection on my laptop and my Moto Q?

    thanks, pontiac
  5. chuckh1958

    chuckh1958 New Member

    I was eventually able to get it working on my Dell d630. I removed the bt pairing, and all connections set up in the bluetooth manager on the laptop. Then I created a new DUN connection and paired the devices again. This time however I left the username and password fields blank, and the phone # set to *99#. That did the trick.

    Now if I could only get the dang microSD card to work reliably I'd be in q9Heaven. :wink:
  6. joedotmp3

    joedotmp3 New Member

    battery drain

    has anyone figured out how to keep the phone charging whilst being tethered? the lcd flashes but i dont think the battery charges. it used to be able to until the 6.1 update. :angry:
  7. bztips

    bztips New Member

    Late to the game here... trying to tether via USB with intshrui as recommended by Tin Star. After I hit Connect and plug into the USB port, my computer insists on searching for a driver for "Motorola USB Remote NDIS Network Device" and can't find it.

    Related question: Do I need to change my USB Device Type in intshrui to "Modem"? Currently it's set to ActiveSync Serial (since I also sync via USB). I tried it both ways, I still get the driver search question. I tried just cancelling, that doesn't work either.
  8. davea0288

    davea0288 New Member

    First, I found the following thread in Motomodding.com VERY helpful:
    Subj: How to tether with ICS and edit GPRS connection settings in 6.1


    Also, after you have the ICS shortcut created as described above, leave the SETTINGS/CONNECTIONS/USB Device Type set = ActiveSync Rndis
    Then plug the USB cable into your laptop, [FONT=&quot]let Activesync startup (and ignore it), then launch ICS from the shortcut on your Q9h, make sure USB is selected for "PC Connection" choice connect. thats it. You may examine your network connection in the tool bar on your PC after "Connected" appears in the Status Box of ICS on your Q9h. Open your web browswer on your laptop with Proxy settings if necessary to use to internet connection via your Q9h. The ICS may or may not have the bluetooth option, so start with the use of the usb cable. My ICS actually does have the BLUETOOTH option as well and works with my laptop via ICS and Bluetooth as well. I have T-Zones and "T-Mobile Data 2" is the network connection that works with either USB or Bluetooth. With T-Zones and T-Moible, I must also add the Proxy Server information to the Web Browser I use on my laptop (Firefox in this situation). The Bluetooth software on my Vista laptop was Bluesoleil V3.0 (or later version). Hope this helps.[/FONT]
  9. kieran

    kieran New Member

    I'd just like to re-iterate this question. If the $19.99 plan is "unlimited" how do they know you're tethering? Are they just banking on the fact that most people wouldn't download as much if they were really on their phone? Or do they really have a way of determining if you were using the phone as a modem/tether?
  10. justler

    justler New Member

    Everyone that is tethering, are you just using basic web applications or are you doing things like ssh, telnet, streaming shoutcast, torrents, etc?

    I need to tether once or twice a month incase I get caught in a jam with work where I don't have internet access but have my laptop. I would need to do things like use IP KVMs, telnet, SSH etc including web browsing. I think maximum usage for each session would maybe be 5MB.
  11. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    IMO, others will disagree (especially those that advocate pdanet), carriers have no way of knowing you are tethering. The only thing they see is how much data you are using. They can't see what site you are visiting or what you are downloading. All they see is data. Now obviously, when you are tethered and you use your desktop to browse, you will visit full websites as opposed to mobile sites on your phone browsers. Full sites, equal more data. So if you use it too often, a big spike in data could bring up a red flag with the carrier. Just use it sparingly. I use it at least once a month, when I'm on the road or at school.
  12. chuckh1958

    chuckh1958 New Member

    For me its mostly vpn and ssh to administer my databases at work when there is no hotspot available.
  13. pontiac

    pontiac New Member

    tethering MOTO Q 9H with AT&amp;T using pdanet sw

    I loaded the trial pdanet software. It worked great, so I took advantage of the Christmas special of approx $27. It installs without any trouble and once you connect your Moto to your PC using USB cable & MS ActiveSync, you can then connect PC to the internet. The speeds are pretty good on AT&T 3G network. I am very please with the pdanet software.

  14. chuckh1958

    chuckh1958 New Member

    But why pay when you can do it for free? I just set up my Q9h as a modem and dial *99#. Works great and costs nothing. I can do it either via bluetooth or USB cable. Oddly the bluetooth gets noticeably faster throughput.
  15. chuckh1958

    chuckh1958 New Member

    I'm not 100% certain that's true. Most cell phones go through a proxy to connect to the internet and a proxy can log who's connecting where and what they are doing.
  16. ParaCAD

    ParaCAD New Member

    Explain. What is this *99# you speak of :) Don't think i've seen that code
  17. davea0288

    davea0288 New Member

    When you want to connect your laptop to the internet via you Q Smartphone you can do it one of two ways, via Internet Sharing or as a dial-up modem.

    The "*99#" is the phone number dialled by the laptop to access the
    GSM phone's GPRS/EDGE data network. I prefer the Internet shaing option mentioned earlier in this thread as it seems to work more reliably.
  18. chuckh1958

    chuckh1958 New Member

    I've never been able to get the ICS working so I use the modem option. Like you said, the *99# is the phone # you dial. I've seen other posts on this forum that you need to supply a particular name and password as well. I've found that it only works if you leave both fields empty.
  19. Horacio Granero

    Horacio Granero New Member

    So the unlimited data plan I pay for every month is not unlimited? Who gives a crap if it's my phone or laptop hooked up to my phone. I pay for unlimited data usage. Is this an out and out lie? Couldn't I take them to court for false advertising?
  20. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

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