Tethering Moto Q 9H with AT&T

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by jeff083077, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Uh... I didn't understand half of what you said. But ok thanks for that info. All I know is when I use it, it feels pretty fast but not as fast as my cable modem that I am using when connected wifi.

    Personally for me, BT is more practical because I don't worry about battery life on my phone. I don't use it very often and for long periods. Because, as we all know, if you're not paying for tethering, and you get caught... well you know the rest. Honestly, how often do you use this feature? Most of us have internet access at home. There's access in almost every coffee shop. Even some Denny's have them now.
  2. tendomentis

    tendomentis New Member

    I use tethering very sparingly (usually when I'm travelling) as the airport wifi is anything but free. So, maybe 15 minutes or so before my flight. But in my situation, I might not have an opportunity to recharge my phone for awhile, so I prefer to get ACTUAL 3G speeds and recharge my phone at the same time while tethering.

    There's really no practical reason to use bluetooth tethering over cabled tethering, but if that's what floats your boat then all power to you.
  3. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    You're right...
  4. NicaKart

    NicaKart New Member

    Had the AT&T 8525, which allowed tethering for free. I have switched to the Motorola Q, and on attempting to set up tethering, I was informed by by AT&T that the freee tethering with the 8525 was a mistake. In order to tether with the Q, costs $25 per month, regardless of level of usage.!

  5. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    I've been tethering for the past two months. Sometimes it's just a quick check of email, forums and mainly text heavy sites... but there have been the forays to video clips, audio downloadsm batches of software downloads.
    So far so good..but I am not going to push my luck and I have drastically reduced my instances of tethering.
  6. NicaKart

    NicaKart New Member

    Can you tell me if you've actually gotten billed for the tethering? As I understand it, you shouldn't be able to tether unless your account has been approved to allow authorization for the tethering hookup to the data system/tower signal. Am interested to know if there's a legitimate way of getting around this. Thanks for your input.

  7. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    There is no legitimate way around this. You either pay, or you don't. Most of us just use it when we need it. We don't try to replace it with our home internet connection. It wouldn't be very useful for those purposes anyway.

    As long as you exercise caution with it, no harm done. I used tethering a whole week while I was in Idaho, and no worries. Never got billed, never said anything, nothing.
  8. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member


    I have yet to be billed.... but like I said, I am not going to push my luck.
  9. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Just make sure your bill does not show a huge spike in data usage.
  10. tiogatx

    tiogatx New Member

    MotoQ9h tethering with AT&T

    Here are the 2 websites for AT&T users to get their MotoQ9h up and running as a tethered device for their laptop.


    If you can't get to the website, use att.com/businesscenter and then go to solutions and then wireless-laptop and you will see the CONNECTION MANAGER download. It's free. That's all it takes to tether your laptop and your phone....no other software required and it's free. The 2nd website tells you how to make your phone into a tethering device by bluetooth or USB.
  11. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    I saw that software (Connection Manager) a couple months back. I didn't touch it. The way I see it, this is Att's software. Specifically designed to work with their tethering and laptop connect cards. So, it's quite plausible that they are more able to track your data usage through this software. And if you're not paying for tethering... we know what happens then. The software is free, you still need to subscribe to a tethering data plan.

    The BT settings in the second link is what I use to connect.
  12. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    I get what you're saying ninja, especially about tracking, but I think more than anything its just a GUI version of DUN and ICS. AFAIK, there is nothing in the fine print that says, "you need a tethering plan", so in theory, you COULD use that, and then when they say something, say, "well, I read the Terms and Conditions, and it said nothing about tethering, so why would you let me download the app for free and let my account use it if I don't have a tethering plan ????" That at least should absolve you from fault.

    I don't know. I use my phone for A LOT of internet, but rarely tethering. Haven't tethered once this year that I can remember. Its all a tricky situation.
  13. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    This statement is found on their website:

    "Follow the steps below to download your free copy of Communication Manager software. You must have a subscription to an eligible data plan and use a compatible device. If using your handset as a modem, a tethering cable (purchased separately) or Bluetooth® functionality (available in select handset models) is required."


    In either case, with or without this software it's still, like you said, a tricky situation.
  14. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Very vague with the wording, nice. Done that way on purpose I'm sure, so they can go back later and interpret it how they see fit.
  15. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    In earlier posts, we discussed using tethering usb vs. bt. I realize that tethering via bt is limited to 728kbps. But when I did a speed test on my laptop via IE (tethered via bt), I am always hovering around 500kbps. I also did a speed test on my phone via pocket IE and Opera (not synced or thethered). The results also stayed around 500kbps. Both instances occured while my phone was kept on 3g only. So is it safe to assume that it doesnt matter how you tether? We will never get the 3.2mbs that ATT boasts about, or even reach dsl speeds. I'm not saying one method is better than the other. But I would like to know if there is something we can do to increase our speeds in regards to both thethering and mobile browsing? I've already done the IE speed hack.
  16. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Those sneaky bastards...
  17. mikelisa

    mikelisa New Member

    I'm not clear on something. I have two browsers (AT&T supplied) on my Q9h so I can download anything I like from the phone. What is the difference with tethering except convenience in typing and storing data to directories on the laptop? Hell, they demoed the phone in the AT&T store for me playing movies from the net! So what is the difference? How could there be a data spike? I can't load data any faster tethered than from the browser on the phone ... no? What am I missing here? How could they be bothered about the keyboard? How could they know?
  18. parishmc

    parishmc New Member

    i just set up ICS over bluetooth and got 898 my first test.

    i'm pretty jazzed i got it working so easily !

  19. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Those are great results!!! Especially over bt. I don't even come close to that. I think I was hovering around 600kbs, I forget now. I haven't done a speed test in a while.
  20. pontiac

    pontiac New Member

    more info on Tethering

    Hi mstream,

    Do you have any specific instructions on how to set up the Moto Q and my laptop to use this software? I downloaded and installed it but still cannot get my laptop to connect via USB to my Moto Q for AT&T data services internet access.

    thanks, pontiac

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