Telus Mobility to carry Moto Q

Discussion in 'International' started by chris, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Telus Mobility to carry Moto Q

    For those who don't freqent the homepage, Telus Mobility in Canada will also be carrying the Q!:thumbup:

    For now, we'll keep Verizon and Telus in this "Wireless Carriers" forum. If things get crazy with providers, I'll break into various forums categories for each provider.

  2. cdrw

    cdrw New Member

    Thanks for sharing the information. For people like myself, who come straight to forum, this helps alot. lol

    Nice that competition is growing in Canada. More the competition, better the services.
  3. scoutnex

    scoutnex New Member

    canada still doesnt have near the plans and prices as the US. From what i've seen anyway.
  4. Snarl

    Snarl New Member

    yeah Telus rapes u hard...I pay about $180 a month
  5. scoutnex

    scoutnex New Member

    DAMN!!! 180 whats ur plan?
  6. Snarl

    Snarl New Member

    my plan is to rob a bank
  7. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    so what... that's like $10 US ? :whistling

    I KID, I KID!!! Wink

    Currency converter says that's about $163 USD.. that's a hell a lot of money to pay for service!! I don't envy you guys up North...
  8. Rtech

    Rtech New Member

    If you think you have it tough...... I have The Q phone, A Wireless EVDO card for the lap top because they wont let the Q work as a Data Link, And 2 tiny phone plans for the wife and daughter who never go over included minuites.....

    I have average monthly of $500.00 and have seen it as high as $948.63 in 1 month......

    That smarts no matter what you are using the equipment for....
  9. mchukra

    mchukra New Member

    I have a Q on the Telus network and I get 700 daytime mins, unlimited evenings and weekends after 6 pm, a business add on with 100 text messages and 25 voicemail storage, and a 4 Mb data plan. Costs me about $100 a month. What really makes me mad is that you cannot send MMS on the Telus network. You can only send pictures / videos thru e-mail which is kinda retarded since you can't send a picture to another cell phone. I'm pondering cancelling my contract because of the messaging problems, but I like the rest of my plan!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  10. yvrgal

    yvrgal New Member

    Bell and Telus

    I like what the US Service Providers have to offer.

    Commie Canadian Service Providers :embarassed:
  11. Colombia

    Colombia New Member

    damn. and we though we had it rough.

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