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    I got a question...

    I bought my Q off my coworker, and he already had wireless sync set up. I know there are other 3rd party apps for syncing.. but I want to use wireless sync because I know Verizon data will give support for it.
    So, when I got the Q, it gave me an error about already having an account set-up. So I called data support, and they decided to lie to me (which doesn't honestly suprise me) and said they'd call back about why my sync isn't able to set up with my number. They gave me some BS about what kind of plan he had, and how if it was corp (which it isn't) that they'd need to figure it out and help resolve the issue.

    as far as i know, that has nothing to do with wireless sync, but I attempted to login to and they kept sending me passwords turning out invalid. I know thats a known issue, but I still don't have wireless sync.

    So, if noone knows anything about how to fix wireless sync, I was wondering if someone could recommend some easy and hopefully free/low cost for syncing my calender. Thats the only thing I'd have to copy by hand..

    I'd reallly appriciate any input you guys got for me. =)


    ps, if ness i have a usb cable but no software =/ if that helps.
  2. you can do a master reset of the phone and start from scratch.
    If its an open ticket with verizon they will call, albeit a month from now.
    Try and get the phone back to its original out of the box state.
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    When he first gave me the phone we did a master reset...

    thanks though

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