Sync Itunes to my Q9c

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by jchapman3, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. jchapman3

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    Sync Itunes to my Q9c

    In my Itunes library, it says that I can sync my motorola phone to Itunes to transfer the media files. I sync my phone to my PC, then open the Itunes folder, wait for my device to show up in the Itunes window, but it never does... So my question is: How do I sync my Itunes files to my Q9c??? (no, it does NOT have to be free, I just want to learn how)

    ~Miss Jen
  2. dafoxs

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    Miss Jen,
    That would be interesting, never saw that option. You can just copy and paste the songs you need to your Phones Card.Is there a reason why you want to use ITunes?
  3. jchapman3

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    Well, I don't know any other way to do it. I have already paid for my Itunes songs, so transferring them to my phone would be most convenient. How would I go about copying and pasting them to my phones card via my computer? I have an HP Windows Vista.
  4. dafoxs

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    Don't think you can do that with Itune songs. I didn't know they were the pay ones. Is there a Help section on it in ITunes?
  5. heyneilo

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    On a Mac... using a USB connection to your Q.
    Install: "Missing sync for Windows" at
    - (also has multiple phones other than Windows Mobile - seek under 'PRODUCTS'... there's a free trial to check out. )
    Once installed, Open the WM program.
    Choose what you'll sync, only one at time if desired.
    BEFORE YOU SYNC note that when highlighting any selection (w/ a singe click) such as contacts, or music, calendar, etc. -
    click the "SETTINGS" TAB and explore before choosing the "sync" tab.
    Choose "storage device/music/vids/import outport -whatever" Whala.

    Update you media library on your Q as music will be store in a "last 25 played" markspace folder etc.

    You won't see DEVICE in ITUNES.. but it's what you're looking for.

    even SMS messaging stored for print!
  6. sherri

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    You posted this in another thread. OP is using a Windows PC (Using Vista as the OS...) Your solution won't help her.

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