Streaming Video from Q to Vist and XP

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    Streaming Video from Q to Vist and XP

    Hello. I have just started a Beta 2 Tester Program for Streaming Live Mobile video from your Windows Mobile phone Live to our Website and other Comet enabled Windows Mobile Phones. For the Motorola Q we only work on the Black Face Moto Q. If anyone is interested in trying our program simply go to and register. You can download the program and in a few minutes you will be up and running.

    Recently, we have improved the quality of the video, added a pause feature and improved the sync with audio...We are still live with only a 1-3 second delay!
    I apologize in advance to Mac Users...we are trying to get live on a Mac but right now we are still using Active X to display the video because the latency is minimal.
    We are trying to figure out who will make the best usage of this application and make the installation and usage as simple as possible. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Streaming Live Mobile Video Comes from Within Your Windows Mobile Phone

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