Strange problem on my SNAP

Discussion in 'HTC Snap | Ozone' started by cyrric, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. cyrric

    cyrric New Member

    Strange problem on my SNAP

    Hoping someone else has seen this and has a solution. Whenever someone calls my SNAP, while it is ringing, and BEFORE I answer it, if the person calling me starts talking (for whatever reason), I can hear them! Very strange.... anyone else ever notice this?
  2. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    Wanna trade phone's?! THAT would be one handy feature in a business environment!
    (Never heard of such a thing, sounds broke but I wouldn't fix it)
  3. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Active Member

    Can the caller hear you? The network shouldn't even be capable of that. I'm curious what more knowledgable people think.
  4. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member sure those aren't the "other" voices you're hearing :)

    caller ID of the future?
  5. modus

    modus New Member

    Where are you located, when did you get the phone and who is your provider? I have a couple few users that are having this same issue. HTC is reporting that they don't have this issue documented.
  6. rtankersley

    rtankersley New Member

    Any chance you have autoanswer set on?
  7. modus

    modus New Member

    The phone has been hard reset several times and swapped with a different phone. I tested it on another one of our users' phones and the same thing is happening.

    I don't think it is an auto answer issue, you can hear talking in between rings before the phone is answered. It also is not a call screen feature as the Snap doesn't come with that feature.

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