Strange Battery Drain

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    Strange Battery Drain

    Dear All, I'm new here, so sorry for some mistakes or something I will do :)

    I have precious HTC Snap (Which I like - really).
    I also like the battery life (as it's quite good). With 3G on or GSM only I have the same result - 3 days.

    Interesting thing is, that per two days I get my battery indicators in half. But the next day - it's all gone.

    For example - I have GSM only on, and got 2 bars on the battery (Power management says ~45-50%). This is result at 1.00 AM. At 7.30 AM after the alarm clock turns on - Phone has Empty battery.

    How come?! Maybe any suggestions?

    P.S. Power Information says:
    ~45 hrs of idle, 1.10hrs of talk and 2.35 of the phone use after last full charge.

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