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Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by KevinKeeley, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. KevinKeeley

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    Sprint Signal


    Does anyone else who has sprint get a poor signal? I got my q around two weeks ago and I seem to get really poor reception in the area where I live. This is especially the case in buildings, but has happened outside too. At first I thought it was just because I was in the building, but after looking at other things I began to wonder if it was my phone. First off, other people with other cell phone companies get a good signal. Second, I was standing next to someone who has sprint also and I was comparing our phones, he seemed to get two bars better than me in thet same spot. I am in a good signal area according to sprint. It is annoying not getting good cell phone coverage in my apartment. Like I said, I have compared with others and I seem to be getting a worse signal. I don't live right near a spirnt store, so I don't really want to drive the distance just to hvae them tell me sorry we can't do anything about it. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!

  2. K3SRK

    K3SRK New Member

    Sprint has a crap signal everywhere I go. I'm not surprised it stinks near my house but big cities don't fare much better.
  3. kellybrf

    kellybrf New Member

    ive traveled pretty frequently in the midwest and east coast and, side by side, my various sprint phones have outperformed my various vzw counterparts.

    as for the q specifically, it tends to pull a decent signal. nothing spectacular, but nothing below average either.
  4. winotree

    winotree New Member

    Can you hear me now?

    Yes--that can be frustrating, I know, but dial *18. That is the number for Sprint's Cell Tower Signal Enhancement, and please don't ask me to remember who told me--but it works! I locks onto your present location and boosts your signal by at least one bar (I've gotten a two-bar boost @ some locations).

    This presupposes the need to dial *18 at each low-signal location but it's as free as I can see on my statements and it works. My work suprervisor tried it on her Sprint phone in a blank spot in north central Texas (Stephenville) and was pleased with the results.

    Hope to hear (no pun intended, but it's a good one!) that you and everyone else out there w/Sprint finds this useful.

  5. fusion1

    fusion1 Member

    To those that responded to Kevin Keeley's first post, you didn't address why one sprint phone has two bars higher signal strength than his Moto Q. Saying Sprint service sucks isn't probably what he wanted to hear either. My guess and it is only a guess is the phone is defective. My moto Q in more metro areas gets great coverage - 4 bars!!! Where I live it is 2-3 bars consistently which I am happy about. One place where I work at, frequently it will go to roaming or no service. I will have to try that *18 trick. Thanks for that tip!
  6. bandit8706

    bandit8706 New Member

    How did the *18 work for you? I am very curious.
  7. daggett003

    daggett003 New Member


    My sprint phone works pretty good almost as good as my Nextel. I will have to try the *18, I have a once-in-a-while deadspot at my desk in work.

    I'll let everyone know how I make out!
  8. tdcrone

    tdcrone New Member

    Not a lot to add, but I will anyway. =)

    1) Sprint and Verizon, for most of the Sprint plans available with the Q, should both have similar signal strength. Don't bother comparing to ATT/Cing/Tmo/etc. I've been mostly happy with the Q's reception but it isn't great, not like my analog phones of yore... not that I'd want to use the Q in analog mode, the battery life is short enough as it is. And inside a building 3' really can make a difference, you could be getting a window or a reflection depending where you are sitting or how you are turned.

    2) I work near an airport, but it is quite hilly. I always show very good signal at work but (as the fellow at the Sprint repair shop pointed out) signal != SNR, so even though I have strong signal it is often noisy to the point of being unusable. He suggested I look at the SNR instead of the signal meter when I sit down somewhere. I keep meaning to look for a home screen that shows SNR...

    3) My Sprint Q also turns off its radio, mystically, once it's been on more than 2-3 days. It shows on but it is not receiving calls, sometimes it gets data and sometimes not. The Sprint repair people just told me not to do that, they don't support the phones being on more than 23 hours per day (?! but that's what they said). The smarter tech suggested rebooting when I got in the car every morning.
  9. norm007

    norm007 New Member


    when do you put in the *18???
    when you dial??? ex. *18(xxx)-xxx-xxxx????
    or just when your on standby?? and if on standby do you hit *18 and then send and thats it???
    no stupid questions??? just stupid layout of questions;)

  10. carlg

    carlg New Member

    Until I signed with VZW last thanksgiving, I was a sprint customer for almost 7 years. I had 3 different phones in that period,( 2 sanyos and one samsung)' and with either phone, once I got off of a main highway or interstate, Sprint's signal degraded rapidly. I had always heard that sprint had reception problems in areas off of the "main drag", but I actually experienced that myself. My VZW "Q" seems to get great reception in all the areas that my Sprint hardware failed.
  11. KevinKeeley

    KevinKeeley New Member


    Thanks for the help, *18 didn't work, or well I didn't notice more bars. I actually had some other problems with the moto q, I think I am going to try taking it to the sprint store to see what they can do. Hopefully they will be helpful because there isn't a sprint store right near me. Last night my phone wouldn't charge all of the sudden. It also froze up on me. I finally got it to charge, but it was weird that it wasn't working. Lastly, I noticed that my phone has been getting really hot and also my battery only lasted about 50 minutes of call time. Hopefully I can get things figured out.

  12. winotree

    winotree New Member

    Just *18

    Just enter *18 as if it were a phone number, which it is. The phone will connect to the Sprint Cell Tower Signal Enhancement thingy or whatever it does--don't really know as the call is disconnected in 3 seconds but appaarently that's long enuff to lock on the your Q.

    Now the thing is, how long does it last? This is where you guys come in--I've seen an increase as posted and sometimes I'll goose the signal after a time, or from another place nearby in hopes of continued success--y'all tell me. This is what I am liking about EQ, the forums. Thanks!!

    Is that more or less clear :)

  13. KevinKeeley

    KevinKeeley New Member

    Didn't boost signal


    I tried the*18, what I meant is I stil don't seem to get a better signal. I wish.

  14. mswlogo

    mswlogo New Member

    *18 will do absolutely nothing. I researched it it was a feature on the old analog systems and it would change your roaming policy.

    Verizon and Sprint don't always roam on one another. Only in areas where one has exclusive coverage will an agreement be made. If they both have towers in the area the phone will pick it's native provider first.

    You might check that you have the latest PRL.

    And you might borrow or swap another Sprint phone in case the phone is bad. I find Sprint generally good and the Q good. But there are areas other carriers will do better. Overall Verizon has slightly better coverage but you pay through the nose for it.
  15. fusion1

    fusion1 Member


    WHich Samsung and Saunyo phones did you own with Sprint, I'm just curious. When I bought my first cell phone in November of 2002 it came with the crappy LG free phone. I got such horrible coverage they told me I should upgrade to a stronger reception Samsung A-460. Not much better and I wasn't happy, then they suggested a Dual reception phone the Sanyo 4942 which was better but theur coverage with either was pretty bad where I live. Surpriingly my Q gets better reception than they ever did. Not many dropped calls like before.
  16. coney718

    coney718 New Member

    I am having the exact same problem. I just got my Q yesterday and the signal bars are so low. My friends have sprint and thier phones show full strength in the exact same spot my Q jumps from 2 to 1 bar. I didnt really think that much of it until a guy in my office also has a Sprint Q and his shows full signal and mine has barely 2. I'm glad to see others have had this problem and its not just me. Even though i can still make and receive calls fine I think im going to exchange it anyway to see if the new one does the same thing. If it does then I guess I'll just live with it.
  17. carlg

    carlg New Member

    I owned the sanyo 8200, and the 8300. Also owned the samsung A900, more affectionally known as the 'blade'. Both of the sanyos were fine, basic handsets, with good functionality and voice clarity. the samsung A900, in my opinion, had the opportunity to become a fantastic 'high-end' multimedia device, but unfortunately it was doomed by re-occuring software issues.(I went through 3 of them myself). Also, I believe the A900, as a result of those issues, only lasted about a year or so.

    That being said, all three of the devices suffered from poor reception and dropped calls once I ventured onto practically any 'side-road', or into any area that was any distance at all from a main highway or interstate. Heck, I often dropped calls going from one ROOM to another in my house.

    Because of sprints reception problems in those areas, I switched to VZW last thanksgiving, and have never looked back.

    Thanks, as always.

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