Discussion in 'Sprint' started by Splash, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Splash

    Splash New Member


    Does anyone know if Sprint/Nextel has access to sell the Motorola Q? I haven't seen them marketing anything about it and wondered if Motorola had made exclusive arrangements with Verizon?
  2. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I haven't seen any mention of Verizon having the exclusive on the Q. With both Sprint and Verizon being CDMA based, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sprint release the Q.
  3. skyler

    skyler New Member

    Verizon Exclusivity

    vzw does have exclusivity on the Q. I'm not sure the exact time frame, i have somewhat of an in at VZW, i'll see if I can find out for exactly how long.

    However, VZW does have the best network around.... :cool:
  4. vzwchick

    vzwchick New Member

    Exclusive it is

    Skyler.. Its Exclusive til December
  5. skyler

    skyler New Member

    thats a looong time... nice...
  6. Ednasti

    Ednasti New Member

    Verizon has a 6 month Exclusive contract with the Q....
  7. UNC BB Fan

    UNC BB Fan New Member


    If I were you, I would change from Nextel/Sprint...their customer service is a painful process. I have been on the phone with Verizon and Nextel changing services. Nextel was called several times because they disconnected the Verizon Rep and myself. Now, we have been with a Nextel Rep for 30 minutes and he is clueless. UGH, I can't wait until I am with Verizon.

  8. sA900msung

    sA900msung New Member

    I know this thread is old but I must say... Good luck paying more for less. We have the Q now and I dont care who you are or what service provider you're with, they will never be able to do what Sprint can do as far as giving you deals to help you stay with Sprint. I have the best deal that you could almost ask for, VZW rep at a local kiosk at the mall was shocked and started 2nd guessing his contract with VZW. T-mobile says they cant even come close... And cingular? Ha, what a joke.. wouldnt touch them if they were the only service provider in the US. If I had a choice between Prepaid phones from X company or having Cingular.. i'd get pre-paid.

    Anyways, just thougth i'd update this dinosaur thread
  9. Marshalus

    Marshalus New Member

    Haha, yeah I called up Cingular retention one day to ask if they'd match the SERO plan and the woman on the other end was like "wow, if you can get a deal that good you should switch, you'd save a ton of money, there is no way we can match that."
  10. salemcatnyc

    salemcatnyc New Member

    Sprint just came out with the Q and from what I have read with the Verizon version of the Q, Sprint seems to have worked out all the bugs. :laugh2:
  11. Duke4062

    Duke4062 New Member

    Pretty much the same thing Verizon rep told me. Now with sprint I can enjoy all the extra features without paying arm & a leg. So far reception is great! speed is fast! coverage is same or better!(logo looks better on phone.):smile: With this plan & phone Sprint has a definite winner. I almost feel bad for people that are still paying $90-150 with verizon.

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