Spice Navigator goes free!

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    It is a great day for all the space explorers out there! Spice Navigator, the well-acclaimed action game by Sirocco Mobile, went totally free-to-play, with no sneaky micro-transactions or paid features!

    The game is free-of-charge now and forever!

    It is year 2240.
    A new drug that causes unusual, cosmic, colorful visions appear on the black market. They are so realistic that one who takes it can accurate predict intergalactic flight route. After few years of testing Sirocco Laboratories thanks to this drug manage to send unmanned space probe through the galaxy. This was a breakthrough.

    Soon the whole interstellar space program has begun.
    The drag in honor of the space saga was called... THE SPICE.

    Unfortunately spice turned out to be lethal for most people. Desolation done in gray
    cells were so severe that after a few sessions with would-be space explorers only empty wrecks were left.

    Only a few of the society turned out to be resistant to destructive effect of Spice. These selected individuals go to the Academy, and after a few months
    intensive training become elite of the Age of Space Conquest.

    Will you dare to become a SPICE NAVIGATOR?

    With its addictive gameplay, high replayability and awe-inspiring visuals, Spice Navigator is a must-have for each and every Window Phone device owner. And what better time to try it out than now, when it went free-to-play forever!

    Hit the Windows Phone Store link below and get your copy right now! And good luck out there, Pilot!


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