speed...i know we have talked about it (sorry)

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    speed...i know we have talked about it (sorry)

    Alright so im well aware that the issue of increasing the speed on the q9m has been talked about, but i am a noob and i have some questions that i would really appreciate if someone could help me out. I really love the phone, but i have noticed as other people have, that the speed is a little slow in certain ways. One i noticed that bothers me is when you type a name and it comes up below the numbers you are dialing...when you select menu on the name and go to text message it sometimes takes 5 seconds or so to come up. I would think something like that should be instant and i would really like to increase the speed.

    Is there anyway in which i can increase the speed on the phone without going through the computer (changing the code or doing something with its memory usage)

    or if i do have to change the code from the computer can someone suggest a freeware program and kind of give me a step by step with the program.

    Obviously if this has been answered exactly in another thread you can direct me there but when it was mentioned previously people were mostly vague about the topic not going into detail.

    This could help my people this just me?

    Thanks in advance and feel free to answer any of the questions if you can't answer them all.

    Much appreciated

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