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Discussion in 'Motorola Q Accessories' started by CodeGuy, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. ozzysjeep

    ozzysjeep New Member

    I've decided against modifying the holster. I shouldn't have to do this to make the product work for me. I've decided to return it and purchase another skin, just haven't decided which one as of yet.
  2. fmkjr19

    fmkjr19 New Member

    my speck tough skin tore :(

    I had mine for one week... only put it in and out of my front pocket and did not put it into the holster...

    The thin rubber near the min USB port tore. It is a shame... I like the feel of the case and the protection it adds. Due to the material it is tougher getting in and out of your pocket but I would have liked it much better if the case did not tear. (I was using it with the regular battery and not the extended.)
  3. inf3st

    inf3st New Member

    There seems to be a lot of issues with this case as far as it tearing in that one certain spot
  4. bpaul24

    bpaul24 New Member

    I just got the tough skin and can already see why it tears near the USB port. I expect mine will tear there at some point. For those of you that the case has torn there, were you still able to use the case or did it become unusable?

    I have also noticed the case makes it hard to press in the up direction on the directional pad just under the screen. Anybody else have this issue?

    Had the case for like 4 months now and it still rocks! It has not torn by the usb port either. Just have to becareful when putting it on and taking it off.
  5. reyosun

    reyosun New Member

    Yes, I have noticed this as well.

    During the last few months of usage (in my pocket, exclusively, thanks to the poor "holstering" system) -

    1. Screen gets really dusty since there is ample space at the right edge of the screen for dust to get through and under the screen covering, creating two layers of dust at any one point. Only way to clean is to take out the entire screen covering and wipe it front & back, then wipe the Q screen itself.

    2. My rubber near the edge of the data port also ripped :(

    To this date, there no manufacturers that makes slipskin/rubber casing for extended battery casing, useable in a holster. :frown:
  6. judebrown

    judebrown New Member

    Thanks for the fantastic review. Grabbing my credit card now - expect your commision check to show up shortly :p
  7. My-Q

    My-Q New Member

    As I have said before (not to be repeating myself) I had a ToughSkin but am in the process of sending it back. I have the Black Q and the ToughSkin fits tighter than it does with a Silver Q. I has worn some of the black finish off. This was in 4 days.

    It is nearly impossible to take the phone out of the holster one handed. Once, when I tried to put the phone back in the holster, the prong caught the case and tore it.

    Let me say one thing in its defense...it is a tough skin. It will protect your phone if you keep it in your pocket. I thought of keeping the ToughSkin and use it when I'm on Army business because it fits nicely in the chest pockets.
  8. Cheb75

    Cheb75 New Member

    Just went and got mine from a CompUSA here in Dallas. They had 5 in stock for $24.95. There are a few retailers that actually carry it in stock. So if you dont want to wait a day or two for shipping you can just go down and get it in person, plus returms might be easier if its local...if you needed to return it for some reason.

    I like mine, no problems or tears. I dont use the "holster", just not my style(heheh dorks), but the case itself is super nice and feels great in your hand as others have expressed.

    I dont see mine tearing in the future because I dont plan to take the case off and on much. So just with normal use I dont see how the usb port area would tear as easy as some have said on here, or maybe thats just a select few people...?

    All in all I like it and think its a great little case for the average user like me.
  9. My-Q

    My-Q New Member

    Is your Q silver or black? You may have less wear on your Q if you have the silver. Good luck!
  10. Cheb75

    Cheb75 New Member

    its the Sprint Q...I guess its sorta like a charcoal color???
  11. ZATZAi

    ZATZAi New Member

    I prefer the term gun-metal, it's more accurate anyway, if you've ever handled a 1911 (No a Glock does not count) :wink:

    But the Sprint Q has added thickness the same way the Verizon black Q does, just a different color, so if it doesn't fit the black Q...
  12. dc_3169

    dc_3169 New Member

    Just got my Toughskin, a little unsure of it.

    Well, I just got my toughskin today, and i'm not 100 percent in love with it like I thought I would be.

    The rubber seems to still be weak around the USB port, (you would think after being on the market for a couple years this would have been fixed), and the holster literaly puts a death grip on the phone. Which, is not all bad, as two weeks ago I was using an open-faced body glove skin and I managed to jar the phone off of my hip getting out of my car, luckily one of the professors at the college found it rather than a student.

    The holster itself seems like it could break at any moment when trying to get the phone off. Is this something I should be concerned about? Has anyone else had holster-breakage?

    The skin itself, does seem like it will take a good portion of any impact shock delievered, and provided you don't take it out to often, it should hold up, but I thought you were not supposed to have the Q in any kind of skin while charging. Does that really matter?

    Well, I think I asked more questions that anything, but if anyone has answers to em, please share! Thanks!

  13. I had a case for my treo 650 and always thought the holster would break. It never did. Unfortunately, if you take the device out of the case, it will NEVER match up again. Ultimate for protection by far, so I guess you take the good with the bad.

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