Speakerphone on/off

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by jaja714, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. jaja714

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    Speakerphone on/off

    Sometimes, when I forget to lock the Q keypad, some button sequence gets pressed which turns speakerphone on! In order to turn it off, I have to call someone and then select menu, speakerphone off ... you can't turn spakerphone on or off unless you're on a call?

    So then:

    (a) How does it get turned on in the first place?

    (b) How do I turn speakerphone off when I'm not in a call?
  2. jerryjr

    jerryjr New Member

    The little button which looks like a pacman in the bottom right of your keyboard is the speakerphone button. Before I started locking my keys, I kept hitting that button. All you need to do is press the button to toggle speakerphone. This can be done while you are on or off a call.
  3. hnsimpson

    hnsimpson New Member

    You can also toggle the speakerphone mode on/off by holding the 'home' key down until the quick list profile menu comes up. Then select the normal profile (key 'e').

  4. kyttyn

    kyttyn New Member

    Doesn't work

    Actually, this doesn't work. It may change your sound settings to normal, but speakerphone will remain on until you toggle it off or select it off from the menu. Also, the "pacman" button only works as a toggle so long as you press the button without holding it in. If you hold it in, you'll be directed to voice commands.
  5. Marvelous Merv

    Marvelous Merv New Member

    So don't hold the Speakerphone button in - just use it as a toggle.

    But yes - I too consistently activate the Speakerphone button inadvertantly when taking it in or out of my pocket - it can be very annoying because it overrides whatever profile setting you are using (if you set it on Silent as you head into a meeting, if you actuate the Speakerphone, not only is it no longer silent it is LOUD).

    Someone should write a hack that actuates Speakerphone only if you actuate the button TWICE in rapid succession. I don't like locking my keyboard.

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