Sounds making me crazy

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by tolzak, Sep 27, 2007.

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    Sounds making me crazy

    I just purchased my Q. I immediately set out to add a new ringtone. Using M3 Ringtones, I created a .WAV file. I then used M3 to upload the file to my Q, automatically making it the default ringtone. This is when the problems began.

    The ringtone is the default, but none of the built-in ringtones work. When I go to change ringtones for contacts, my custom ringtone doesn't show up. All the factory default ringtone titles appear, but each reports that the file is either corrupt or missing. If I try to mess with the default ringtone through the Start menu, it's originally set to Vibrate. Any adjustment to that setting causes me to lose my customer ringtone. Since I'm unable to see my ringtone or set the phone to any of the built-in settings, this results in a vibrate-only Q. The only fix so far is to reload my custom ringtone from M3.

    And yes, my custom ringtone is in the proper sounds folder.


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